Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day 1 : New Zealand The Land of Paradise

Posted by Norazo at 5:46 PM

And so the nervewrecking trip to NZ is over. During these 16 days, we experience the unexpected circumstances. It was hectic but fun at the same time. Therefore, i wish to share our adventure  mainly on tips and advises. We flew to NZ on 19/10/2016 with AirAsia-X transited in Gold Coast Australia. Since it was transit, therefore no visa required to Australia. We landed in Auckland International Airport on 20/10/2016 at 4.30pm local times and directly to Apex Rental Car. Please be informed that our main transportation in NZ were car and motorhomes. Yes MOTORHOMES. We were a in a group of 4 and all ladies by the way. Our first destination is Matamata and our main reason is to visit the Hobbitton. Our first accommodation was Horse&Jockey in Matamata. It was quite far from Auckland and im the first driver. Honestly, i was quite shocked after finding out that NZ highway are  2 lane drives only and quite narrow compare to Malaysia. From my reading, the New Zealanders are adhere to their speed limit. Their maximum speed was 100 and if u drive more than that u can be fine by their authorities. However, i dont know whether the information was true or i was slow. I dont think their maximum speed on 100 km/h highway is 100. Its the opposite! If it said 100, we normally drive minimum 100. On our first day, i drove 90 at the 100km/h highway and i pretty sure they were mad at me for that. Please  bear in mind that NZ highway is very narrow and curvy and i drove at night. And yeah they honking at me and giving hand 'gestures'. What to do, it was night and no street lights and it was quite dangerous for first time driver like me.I have to be extra careful..  (i kinda miss our road here in Malaysia hehe) sorry for those who find me annoying on the road that night but i pretty sure i drove 90 on 100km/h highway though (i checked it frequently to make sure i dont go overboard). So we arrive in Matamata late in the night. Unpacking, cleaning, reheating our ready made Brahim (it was very handy) then sleep as tomorrow the new day await...

 Cliche Photo while boarding  

Gegirls at Auckland International Airport.. just landed and still excaited

Norazo and Wama with the help of Makeup+ App haha



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