Friday, September 16, 2016


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Walaupun saya bukan orang bandar, tapi saya juga bukan berasal dari pedalaman.. Seeing variety show on tv broadcasting the live in the remote countryside really fascinate me. Immediately a thought come to my mind "aaahhh i too was pampered while growing up" the memory of staying with my grandparents during holiday conjured up before me. Its not that hard but its fun.. We should stay with elders at the remote countryside to experience how life really is there. No cellphone, no internet.. Just u n nature.. If u want to eat veggies, pluck them urself, if u want to eat fish, then go fishing.. Wow.. Is there such place in Malaysia? For sure it is not in Labuan because its small and packed with peoples and surrounded by seas.. Im looking forward to it. Oh yes.. I did remember. In 2012 haha.. Uwaa.. The durians were just right behind the house. And i experience the floods there for the first time!!! Waaa... Got no line there and i have to stay still without making any major move just to maintain the 1 or 2 bar line on my phone.. For sure the food were more than enough there.. It was fun.. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We are our own hero

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We are our own hero. No matter who u are, what u do in ur everyday life, u r the hero of your so call life. U r the main character in the God written world.. U r ur own drama, ur own life, ur own reality.. Everyone lives a challenging life.. A beautiful life, a happy life, a sweet n sour life.. Everyone have their own little story in this big big world.. I have my own, u have ur own...  Be a hero u want it to be.. Be positive, be magical...

-a note to me-

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