Sunday, May 1, 2016


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Last week, while having my usual morning rush hour to office, there was a motorcyclist right in front of me which i assume rushing like the rest of us that morning. The unique thing was, that guy wearing a t-shirt with MAINTENANCE in Caps Lock and it can be seen for at least 100 m and it reminds me of my early twenties. in UiTM Sarawak. There was this good looking Abang Maintenance and thats what we called him back then. He was standing out among his peers because he pay attention to his looks especially his hair. It was always neatly set and spiky.. And he drove Satria GTR..

During those years, the most happiest moment as a student was when the class which suppose to be on schedule is cancelled. I believe every normal person in the world agreed with me on this. However, for me and my group of friends, apart from the announcement of "Class Cancelled", our next happiest moment was when the teaching equipment in our class was malfunction. Because, if we were lucky, our handsome Abang Maintenance will be coming and checking on the problems. Sometimes, if it was a tiny problems, we were always shouting from the back and asked for maintenance to be called. And if he did come, we will always making gestures to make sure he was being watched by us and every time we were sure he do noticed our naughty attention. We sense he looks restless and try to control his action... Then, If he done with the checking and everything, we will make sure to say "Thank You" out loud with a giggles  Hahahahah....  

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p.s Huwaaa.... still awake at 1.55am thanks to the coffee

Coffee and Me

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I love coffee... i do...
However. im not an avid coffee drinker
Im actually trying to cut sugar in my drinks
This including coffee
Actually, there is a magical relation between me and coffee
As much as i love it, i CANT drink coffee after 4.30pm because..
I can wake up all night
And that exactly what happened to me now
Luckily tomorrow is Sunday
At least i dont have to curse myself in the morning for staying awake the whole night
Sleep sleep come early,,,
Dream dream come and claim me...


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