Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Look

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Today i read about a comment on a blog saying that Asian women or Asian in general aging much slower than the Westerner. And i agree, Because i think i fall into that category which is fascinating and wowww... Im actually big in size.. growing up, i look mature than my peers. When i was 6 my cousin thought i was 12! However, as i grow older, it seems that i manage to slow down the aging process. And it run in the family from my father's side. The hell we all look so young consider our age! Shockingly, my aunt currently in her 60 and still look the same from 20 over years ago! She has been looking the same to me ever since i met her for the first time when i was 6. .. Social-wise, looking younger has a great advantages and u proud of it. I was asked about my age when i tried to buy a ticket at Eiffel Tower.. I was asked about my student card at the Aquaria KLCC, i was even reminded that Deadpool for above 18 viewer only and the sales person who look 10 years younger than me called me 'adik'! WTH..

However, there is a downside of looking younger. Professionally, often i've been doubted by my bosses and colleague from different department. They thought im young and treat me lightly.. I know i have a blur face.. So i often trying to look tough when dealing with public or other officers but i manage to maintain my cuteness at the same time wakakakaka.... 

I just wish for the societies to stop judging and generalizing. Everyone of us have our very own potential regardless of how we look.. Despite that, i still enjoy it very much when family friends thought i still attending school or the youngest.. it feels great! I will enjoy it as much and as long as i can 

Monday, March 14, 2016


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I feel like writing but i dont exactly know what to write
I try to think of something but end up i just rambling
Im in Labuan currently, on leave.. 
Getting older and wiser also have a price
Yes i gain knowledge and experiences when and where i want to
But at the same time i become overthinking of everything
My life, my career, my social circles..
I have enough one day at dawn, and i decided to go back home
To be close with the peoples i love, to forget and overthrown all the negativity in me
And yess i manage to do it...


Friday, March 4, 2016

I Give Up!

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Sound serious.. hehhehe
I envy others who have a fantastic handwriting 
During my schools years, i was surrounded by my friends who each and everyone of them has a very soothing handwriting style.. except me 
I was under the delusion that my handwriting will get better as im getting older.. i train my mind to believe that statement..
However, as times goes by, it doesnt change.. its getting worst.. 
Surprisingly, one of my best friend can distinguish my writing and can find mine among others.. She told me "your handwriting doesn't change a bit!" I find it interesting and special ^____^

But now, I Give Up

In fact  I Give up my handwriting since long long time ago


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