Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day 1 : New Zealand The Land of Paradise

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And so the nervewrecking trip to NZ is over. During these 16 days, we experience the unexpected circumstances. It was hectic but fun at the same time. Therefore, i wish to share our adventure  mainly on tips and advises. We flew to NZ on 19/10/2016 with AirAsia-X transited in Gold Coast Australia. Since it was transit, therefore no visa required to Australia. We landed in Auckland International Airport on 20/10/2016 at 4.30pm local times and directly to Apex Rental Car. Please be informed that our main transportation in NZ were car and motorhomes. Yes MOTORHOMES. We were a in a group of 4 and all ladies by the way. Our first destination is Matamata and our main reason is to visit the Hobbitton. Our first accommodation was Horse&Jockey in Matamata. It was quite far from Auckland and im the first driver. Honestly, i was quite shocked after finding out that NZ highway are  2 lane drives only and quite narrow compare to Malaysia. From my reading, the New Zealanders are adhere to their speed limit. Their maximum speed was 100 and if u drive more than that u can be fine by their authorities. However, i dont know whether the information was true or i was slow. I dont think their maximum speed on 100 km/h highway is 100. Its the opposite! If it said 100, we normally drive minimum 100. On our first day, i drove 90 at the 100km/h highway and i pretty sure they were mad at me for that. Please  bear in mind that NZ highway is very narrow and curvy and i drove at night. And yeah they honking at me and giving hand 'gestures'. What to do, it was night and no street lights and it was quite dangerous for first time driver like me.I have to be extra careful..  (i kinda miss our road here in Malaysia hehe) sorry for those who find me annoying on the road that night but i pretty sure i drove 90 on 100km/h highway though (i checked it frequently to make sure i dont go overboard). So we arrive in Matamata late in the night. Unpacking, cleaning, reheating our ready made Brahim (it was very handy) then sleep as tomorrow the new day await...

 Cliche Photo while boarding  

Gegirls at Auckland International Airport.. just landed and still excaited

Norazo and Wama with the help of Makeup+ App haha

Friday, September 16, 2016


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Walaupun saya bukan orang bandar, tapi saya juga bukan berasal dari pedalaman.. Seeing variety show on tv broadcasting the live in the remote countryside really fascinate me. Immediately a thought come to my mind "aaahhh i too was pampered while growing up" the memory of staying with my grandparents during holiday conjured up before me. Its not that hard but its fun.. We should stay with elders at the remote countryside to experience how life really is there. No cellphone, no internet.. Just u n nature.. If u want to eat veggies, pluck them urself, if u want to eat fish, then go fishing.. Wow.. Is there such place in Malaysia? For sure it is not in Labuan because its small and packed with peoples and surrounded by seas.. Im looking forward to it. Oh yes.. I did remember. In 2012 haha.. Uwaa.. The durians were just right behind the house. And i experience the floods there for the first time!!! Waaa... Got no line there and i have to stay still without making any major move just to maintain the 1 or 2 bar line on my phone.. For sure the food were more than enough there.. It was fun.. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We are our own hero

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We are our own hero. No matter who u are, what u do in ur everyday life, u r the hero of your so call life. U r the main character in the God written world.. U r ur own drama, ur own life, ur own reality.. Everyone lives a challenging life.. A beautiful life, a happy life, a sweet n sour life.. Everyone have their own little story in this big big world.. I have my own, u have ur own...  Be a hero u want it to be.. Be positive, be magical...

-a note to me-

Friday, June 24, 2016


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Memilih kalau ada pilihan
Memilih kalau ada perbandingan
Memilih kalau ada yang berkenan
Memilih kalau menjadi pilihan
Memilih kalau berkesempatan
Memilih  jika memerlukan
Memilih aku? Kamu? Dia? Mereka?
Memilih ketika pusing
Memilih ketika bingung
Memilih kerna terpaksa
Memilih kerna dipaksa
Memilih kerna terdesak
Memilih kerna tekanan
Memilih kerna sibuk
Memilih itu perlu..

Sunday, May 1, 2016


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Last week, while having my usual morning rush hour to office, there was a motorcyclist right in front of me which i assume rushing like the rest of us that morning. The unique thing was, that guy wearing a t-shirt with MAINTENANCE in Caps Lock and it can be seen for at least 100 m and it reminds me of my early twenties. in UiTM Sarawak. There was this good looking Abang Maintenance and thats what we called him back then. He was standing out among his peers because he pay attention to his looks especially his hair. It was always neatly set and spiky.. And he drove Satria GTR..

During those years, the most happiest moment as a student was when the class which suppose to be on schedule is cancelled. I believe every normal person in the world agreed with me on this. However, for me and my group of friends, apart from the announcement of "Class Cancelled", our next happiest moment was when the teaching equipment in our class was malfunction. Because, if we were lucky, our handsome Abang Maintenance will be coming and checking on the problems. Sometimes, if it was a tiny problems, we were always shouting from the back and asked for maintenance to be called. And if he did come, we will always making gestures to make sure he was being watched by us and every time we were sure he do noticed our naughty attention. We sense he looks restless and try to control his action... Then, If he done with the checking and everything, we will make sure to say "Thank You" out loud with a giggles  Hahahahah....  

#adaapadenganmaintenance #UiTMSarawak #gengD'Coba #campuslife

p.s Huwaaa.... still awake at 1.55am thanks to the coffee

Coffee and Me

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I love coffee... i do...
However. im not an avid coffee drinker
Im actually trying to cut sugar in my drinks
This including coffee
Actually, there is a magical relation between me and coffee
As much as i love it, i CANT drink coffee after 4.30pm because..
I can wake up all night
And that exactly what happened to me now
Luckily tomorrow is Sunday
At least i dont have to curse myself in the morning for staying awake the whole night
Sleep sleep come early,,,
Dream dream come and claim me...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Look

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Today i read about a comment on a blog saying that Asian women or Asian in general aging much slower than the Westerner. And i agree, Because i think i fall into that category which is fascinating and wowww... Im actually big in size.. growing up, i look mature than my peers. When i was 6 my cousin thought i was 12! However, as i grow older, it seems that i manage to slow down the aging process. And it run in the family from my father's side. The hell we all look so young consider our age! Shockingly, my aunt currently in her 60 and still look the same from 20 over years ago! She has been looking the same to me ever since i met her for the first time when i was 6. .. Social-wise, looking younger has a great advantages and u proud of it. I was asked about my age when i tried to buy a ticket at Eiffel Tower.. I was asked about my student card at the Aquaria KLCC, i was even reminded that Deadpool for above 18 viewer only and the sales person who look 10 years younger than me called me 'adik'! WTH..

However, there is a downside of looking younger. Professionally, often i've been doubted by my bosses and colleague from different department. They thought im young and treat me lightly.. I know i have a blur face.. So i often trying to look tough when dealing with public or other officers but i manage to maintain my cuteness at the same time wakakakaka.... 

I just wish for the societies to stop judging and generalizing. Everyone of us have our very own potential regardless of how we look.. Despite that, i still enjoy it very much when family friends thought i still attending school or the youngest.. it feels great! I will enjoy it as much and as long as i can 

Monday, March 14, 2016


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I feel like writing but i dont exactly know what to write
I try to think of something but end up i just rambling
Im in Labuan currently, on leave.. 
Getting older and wiser also have a price
Yes i gain knowledge and experiences when and where i want to
But at the same time i become overthinking of everything
My life, my career, my social circles..
I have enough one day at dawn, and i decided to go back home
To be close with the peoples i love, to forget and overthrown all the negativity in me
And yess i manage to do it...


Friday, March 4, 2016

I Give Up!

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Sound serious.. hehhehe
I envy others who have a fantastic handwriting 
During my schools years, i was surrounded by my friends who each and everyone of them has a very soothing handwriting style.. except me 
I was under the delusion that my handwriting will get better as im getting older.. i train my mind to believe that statement..
However, as times goes by, it doesnt change.. its getting worst.. 
Surprisingly, one of my best friend can distinguish my writing and can find mine among others.. She told me "your handwriting doesn't change a bit!" I find it interesting and special ^____^

But now, I Give Up

In fact  I Give up my handwriting since long long time ago

Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday mengantuk

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Semalam tido lambat
Pagi ni bangun awal
Pegi majlis rasmi
Duduk 2.5 jam
Majlis tamat 2.30 ptg
Masuk balik ofis
Sekarang aku mengantuk
Tuk tuk tuk...

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Friend of Mine

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I have this one friend whom i learn so much from her in term of treating others. In my early career, she is the one i referred  to. She is not a Muslim and she's is really nice and kindhearted. She is pretty but she doesnt act like it. She just natural. She's not the type who jealous of other pretty girls like most of the girls i knew. She is often the subject of other girls jealousy which is ridiculous because she doesn't care and she herself find it funny. In term of work, she is hardworking and focus. 

I feel ashamed of how ignorance I am back in the days. Whenever a cleaning lady approaches our cubicles i never say Thank You.  Sitting next to my cubicle, i heard her say Thank You everyday which prompt me of doing the same. Its not that im not thankful its just i probably think that i dont need to say the word but she did. I feel ashamed of myself. And now, after so many years, no matter how busy i am to the point of i can't even look at the cleaning lady face while saying the magic words, i never forget to say thank you and sorry at the same time. She teach me that, though im sure she didnt know.

Fast forward to 6.5 years later, i met her again during one of the workshop. She still in the same ministry though in a different division, and i have moved to another department. Again i was awed by her behavior. Im not considering myself as someone who look down on others but it looks like i am. During the break, we went  for refreshments with some light delights prepared. At that time the   banquet boy was present. She asked the boy, what is it? (referring to the foods), the boy answer he dont know. And she just offer the boy to taste it. She actually surprised because the boy himself never taste it. "Why dont you take one she said, go ahead" and the boy probably know that he is not allowed to politely rejected her offer. I have never in my entire adult life ever offer waiter/waitress or banquet staff to taste the food. For me, they just there as a person who doing their job but for her, they are human first.  And i know she is not pretending to be nice because she always is. She not just beautiful on the outside, she's beautiful all around. And, she is an excellent officer too. 

I found the situation heartwarming. I witnessed the same situations again, That is her. When i don't have the transportation back in the days, she eagerly drag me to join her in her boyfriend's car and drop me off at my house. When i hurt  and  sprained my ankle, she take me to the hospital and wait for me. She is the eldest in her siblings and maybe that's why she have this sense of responsibilities towards others and not just he family and friends.She is the person i forever thankful to and i hope her boyfriend propose to her soon.. 

Thank you friend, i owe you sooooo veryy much!


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