Friday, November 20, 2015

What have we done to deserve the hate?

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I sincerely condemned the Paris attack and the everyday struggles of our Muslims brothers n sisters in middle east countries. However, it break my heart to the point of crying when all the blame are pointing towards Muslims. I was lucky to be born and live in Malaysia. But i was very sad when reading the stories from all over the globe about Muslims specially women who have been targeted by all the ignorance peoples. Yes ignorance people do exists in every societies. But to conclude an act of delusional extremists towards Muslims are unbreable to read and let alone to experience it first hand. Though the majority Muslims in the world have told millions time that Islam is a peaceful religion, it seems some people choose to believe the act of 0.003%. Why do the majority of Muslims have to be discriminate and suffered over the fault of this 0.003% population? Even in election in every democratic countries in the world, in order for the party to lead the government they have to be in the majority. But unfortunately,  matters relating to terrorist attack caused by the minority resulting the majority opinions were forgotten and wash out.. The majority of Muslims are not terrorist. We are all human. We may have different colors, believes, cultures and languages, but we are human with heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys nerves, veins, eyes, mouth, ears, nose, hands, legs, intestines etc. Please listen to the majority.. Stop generalizing...



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