Monday, October 26, 2015


Posted by Norazo at 2:10 PM
Hallo November...
Bye Bye Bye October..
We are going to another 'Ber' in a month.. before we welcome the "Ry"  in 2 months hahahaha

Ok life, as usual. No flurry.. no blurry.. except  the usual stress related work which has become part of me since 2008.. however, what are we without challenges, angers and frustrations.. we are merely human with toooo many feelings boiling up and down our spine...

So what about drama? well last week i was the main character of myself created drama! a good looking guy came to our office. Being a person who currently in a security line, i always have this curiosity whenever i saw someone who are not from our line loitering in our working area. He was i believe visited my super messy room when im not in. I at that time was hanging out at the closed counter. I gave a sneak peek on him and was literally blushing when i found him handsome hahahahaha... he's actually one of the IT vendor. I met him few months back.
The drama then move to another plot. He and the team finally leaving after settling their work. I was still in the closed counter. of course i was try to steal some glances to him but i never expected him to turn his head and our eyes MET...hahahah how is it? so very dramatic .. End Ep 1.

I never thought that my  one episode drama will prolong to the second episode. This morning, i met him at the elevator. While waiting for it, he was busy talking to his colleague with his body facing me and i have to put up a fight with the inner me to stop myself from smiling!!! We rode the full pack elevator with 6 other and im the only girl. I feel suffocated. I told this to my friend and she said "if its in Korean drama, the handsome guy will stop the elevator door and ask me to come in first like a gentleman" and i shut her up with "unlike drama however, im the one who actually stop the elevator door from closing and let him and the others in" hahahahhahaahaha

Will there be a third episode tomorrow???  hehehe.. i think i should be an author, a writer??

p/s actually i was thinking about him while preparing myself to office this morning. I hit a jackpot with our 3 meeting today



Puteri Nuur on October 27, 2015 at 10:35 PM said...

Next episode,pleaseeeee. AMIN!


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