Sunday, September 20, 2015

Between your dream job and your bestie

Posted by Norazo at 12:12 AM
Yesterday while driving home from work i was listening to jeremy and kavin on jam. Of cosla during jam time we need something to exercise our mind preventing us from cursing other drivers. However, luckily im in putrajaya so i rarely curse except if i have to go to kl and it was jam. Maka carutan bermula huhuhu... Ok back to the above. Yesterday's topic was quite challenging. I feel like i wanted to call the station but im not hehehe... The situation was "u finally have your dreammmm job. The job that u dreaaaammm of. After so many hurdle u finally nailed the job. However, your bestfriend husband is ur current boss. Due to circumstances, u found out that your boss aka ur bff husband is having an affair. What would u do? Will u sacrafice ur dream job to save ur bff or u keep it to yourself without telling ur bff?

Being the nice kavin he choose to let go of his job and reported to his bff. But, jeremy think otherwise. He will not sacrafice his job because its the source of his income and he still need to put foods on the table. The divided opinions also shared by the listeners who called. And i myself give some thinking too. If its happened to me n my bff, i will try to keep both. Telling my bff and at the same time trying not to jeorpadize my dream and current job. How? I will send an anonymus letter to my friend with proof pictures of the affairs and ask my friend to keep her 2 eyes on her husband. I know she will definitely will ask me to spy on her husband and i will say yess but tell her nothing myself. And, i will always be there for her to support and console. If her husband aka my boss doubt me, i will say the following "she is my bestfriend n u r my boss. It is your decision to do what u r currently doing and i dont want to involved in ur family matters. But, the fact that u r calling me asking me about this, it is the same as you are admitting that you r currently having an affair. As your staff i choose to say 'it is ur business' but, as ur wife bff i think i have a right to say that u should be ashame of yourself! However boss, i am a professional, i sincerely hope you too."

I reallly hope it will not happened to me n people around me. But, to my friends who read this, if someday ur husband becoming my boss, and suddenly u r receiving anonymus letter with ur husband pictures in it, please be informed that it is me telling you that ur husband is currently having an affair outside ur marriage. 

Thank you n goodbye




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