Sunday, July 26, 2015

Notre Dame, Paris

Posted by Norazo at 12:11 PM
Selamat hari raya lovelies.... 
While browsing blog this morning, i came accross a blog sharing her visit to Notre Dame, Paris. I myself have a chance visiting Paris during spring last year and of cos a Notre Dame is one of the hotspot for tourists. As for me, i dont have any knowledge of Notre Dame aside i know an anime character by the name "a hunchback of Notre Dame" which i watch during my childhood days. I am truly sorry for my ignorance..

As one of the tourists spot, i was so mesmerized by the architecture of Notre Dame, Knowing it was build many many yearsssss a go. Honestly i am not into taking picture as i love to appreciate the beauty with my eyes hahhahah.. So lame ... Not knowing what is Notre Dame really is, i asked my friend. 

"Melda, apa ba Notre Dame ni?" Melda and ritnie were busy taking pictures in every conner of the place.

"Ohh museum," she replied me and at the same time still busy taking pictures.

I nodded my head believing every words she said. Then, i approached the building. The closer i am, the more i find melda explanation was doubtful. When finally i reach the main gate i then realised it was not a museum but a church! I then took the liberty to run to both my friends who still at their spot wayyyy back from the church. 

"Melda!!! Ini bukan museum laa ini church!" I told her. And she just brushed me off with

"Ooooo" And of cos still busy taking pictures with the pigeons.

Listening to her answer i was like "WTH"


Our moment in Notre Dame never failed to make me laugh every times...

View from a far



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