Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Was that him?

Posted by Norazo at 2:27 PM

I recently went back to Labuan for Kaamatan holiday. It was a quick non-plan leave at all. My mom just throwing her idea of wanting me to come back. So i did. Nothing much and nothing new. I rarely going out. I prefer to stay indoor and hibernating hahahaha.. and the main event was eating till my stomach full and burst from the joy..hahahha..

Ok.. the reason im writing today is because i think i met 'him' in Labuan though im not so sure because i was driving and he was crossing the road. (mcam cerita drama melayu n korea di situ) and i couldn't confirmed because it happened so fast. However, from the side profile and height, i think i was right that it was him... ^______^

So, who is him?? Him im talking about is him i met coincidentally almost 2 years ago and i wrote it here and here..

If that was indeed him, the BIG question is "What R U Doing in Putrajaya?"



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