Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Blues

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What's the use of Monday without the BLUES...
Monday and Blues walk hand-in-hand, run side by side, jump after each other..
And today im in the blues because its Monday...

Aaa.. i can't wait to go home to get out of this blues..
I am not smurf for me to feel this blues.. im not blue
Why do Monday is the hardest day of the week?
When the skies today are not blue...

But.. as usual.. the Monday Blues

I feel sorry, but still i hate you !!

-Norazo in blues-

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Was that him?

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I recently went back to Labuan for Kaamatan holiday. It was a quick non-plan leave at all. My mom just throwing her idea of wanting me to come back. So i did. Nothing much and nothing new. I rarely going out. I prefer to stay indoor and hibernating hahahaha.. and the main event was eating till my stomach full and burst from the joy..hahahha..

Ok.. the reason im writing today is because i think i met 'him' in Labuan though im not so sure because i was driving and he was crossing the road. (mcam cerita drama melayu n korea di situ) and i couldn't confirmed because it happened so fast. However, from the side profile and height, i think i was right that it was him... ^______^

So, who is him?? Him im talking about is him i met coincidentally almost 2 years ago and i wrote it here and here..

If that was indeed him, the BIG question is "What R U Doing in Putrajaya?"


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