Tuesday, March 17, 2015


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Path and pathway..
.am i on the right path?
Or.. Am i still far away from the path
Are we going in the same path
Am i drifted away from the fateful path?
I think im still in the right path and on the same pathway..
I wish me well, i wish for the best, i wish for the greater good, 
I wish ... I wish... And i will 

I just want to be..

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Hallo... To whom exactly this hello goes out to? But still hello...
My mood now kinda sad.. Not because something bad happening to me, but i am so into a song which represent betrayal, sad memories, loneliness... Etc.. Due to that, i am soooooooo sad and down... I love music. But i never thought song can influence human mood. Speacially if it's a non-english nor malay song... I can still understand the sadness.. What happened to meeeeeee? Seriously, i cannot live ve like thisss... But still i keep on listening to it, it,s a number one song in my playlist currently... 


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