Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Posted by Norazo at 1:30 AM
When i was final year during my degree, i was hooked to the Beatles song 'Yesterday'. Because at that time, i thought the lyrics really describe how i feel while completing my project paper. I always humming the song whenever i can't find any idea to put into my papers. At that time also i thought my project paper was my biggest challenge in my life. I really thought once i complete this i can do everything and anything! Semangat itu penting.. However, little that i know, my current state of stress was much more greater than what i've had experience before and i thought how i childish i was hehehhehehe... Apa apa pun, hidup mesti diteruskan.semoga 2 minggu ni berlalu dengan cepat tanpa sebarang masalah... Amin....

P/s baruuu syiok melayan romantika ceta korea sblm teringat hari esok  dr musim

terus musim



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