Friday, January 16, 2015

New year and New Resolution and The Same Old ME

Posted by Norazo at 3:08 PM
Last night i was giggling while watching Korean Drama "Healer". My heart flutter and i feel very childish hahahahahha! it's been sooo long since i watch K-Drama. And i did it again just to past the time during weekend and nights. That when this thought came to my mind "heol, ur life is so boring Norazo. Living the same routine repeated every days, weeks, months and years" 

Should i go climb everest? huh.. mount kinabalu pun tengok dari jauh jauhhhh saja.. hahaha... inikan everest.. ;p I want to spice up my life, spice up my life please please and please... btw, there is one cafeteria boy who work as a cashier, he remind me so much of the healer character. Maybe because he is bulky hahahaha.. nahh.. i dont have any interest in him though, He looks like he's 25 and i past that number long long time ago. Its just when i see him, he remind me of the healer from the K-Drama. Btw, Hyun Bin is back next week muukyaaaa~~~~ (fan girl scream). I have watched many lead actors in drama this past few years, but i dont know why,  hyun bin never failed to make my heart flutters .. ohhh i feel very excited... Oppa... welcome back to TV..

So my very first post for the year 2015, have nothing to do with any resolution whatsoever because i'll never follow.. hahahaha... 

This is my latest on TV crush "Healer"



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