Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ambulance awareness in Malaysia

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Well, every cities in every countries in the world have a small population of reckless, selfish and suicide drivers. Including Malaysia. However, i must say that Malaysian have a high awareness of yielding to ambulance sirens. Whenever the emergency situations occurred, everybody will move to the side to give way to ambulance, fire engine and police car. Thumbs up Malaysian! 

p/s however they are some who took the advantage by tailgating the ambulance/police to ease their way..  #onlyinmalaysia 

Friday, November 20, 2015

What have we done to deserve the hate?

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I sincerely condemned the Paris attack and the everyday struggles of our Muslims brothers n sisters in middle east countries. However, it break my heart to the point of crying when all the blame are pointing towards Muslims. I was lucky to be born and live in Malaysia. But i was very sad when reading the stories from all over the globe about Muslims specially women who have been targeted by all the ignorance peoples. Yes ignorance people do exists in every societies. But to conclude an act of delusional extremists towards Muslims are unbreable to read and let alone to experience it first hand. Though the majority Muslims in the world have told millions time that Islam is a peaceful religion, it seems some people choose to believe the act of 0.003%. Why do the majority of Muslims have to be discriminate and suffered over the fault of this 0.003% population? Even in election in every democratic countries in the world, in order for the party to lead the government they have to be in the majority. But unfortunately,  matters relating to terrorist attack caused by the minority resulting the majority opinions were forgotten and wash out.. The majority of Muslims are not terrorist. We are all human. We may have different colors, believes, cultures and languages, but we are human with heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys nerves, veins, eyes, mouth, ears, nose, hands, legs, intestines etc. Please listen to the majority.. Stop generalizing...


Thursday, October 29, 2015


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I feel like suffocating within second
I was trembling and shivers run down my spine
I can't focus of what in hand
I  can hear the noise but everything was frozen

For once i know how they felt
I knew it all along that we shouldn't judge
Cherish the 'gift' forget the sorrow
The path will be open though the road is narrow

Forget the rock please throw the stone
Let the wind pass let the rein go
We are chosen we are the heroes
I'm a survivor wherever I go

-Norazo's coconut-

Monday, October 26, 2015


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Hallo November...
Bye Bye Bye October..
We are going to another 'Ber' in a month.. before we welcome the "Ry"  in 2 months hahahaha

Ok life, as usual. No flurry.. no blurry.. except  the usual stress related work which has become part of me since 2008.. however, what are we without challenges, angers and frustrations.. we are merely human with toooo many feelings boiling up and down our spine...

So what about drama? well last week i was the main character of myself created drama! a good looking guy came to our office. Being a person who currently in a security line, i always have this curiosity whenever i saw someone who are not from our line loitering in our working area. He was i believe visited my super messy room when im not in. I at that time was hanging out at the closed counter. I gave a sneak peek on him and was literally blushing when i found him handsome hahahahaha... he's actually one of the IT vendor. I met him few months back.
The drama then move to another plot. He and the team finally leaving after settling their work. I was still in the closed counter. of course i was try to steal some glances to him but i never expected him to turn his head and our eyes MET...hahahah how is it? so very dramatic .. End Ep 1.

I never thought that my  one episode drama will prolong to the second episode. This morning, i met him at the elevator. While waiting for it, he was busy talking to his colleague with his body facing me and i have to put up a fight with the inner me to stop myself from smiling!!! We rode the full pack elevator with 6 other and im the only girl. I feel suffocated. I told this to my friend and she said "if its in Korean drama, the handsome guy will stop the elevator door and ask me to come in first like a gentleman" and i shut her up with "unlike drama however, im the one who actually stop the elevator door from closing and let him and the others in" hahahahhahaahaha

Will there be a third episode tomorrow???  hehehe.. i think i should be an author, a writer??

p/s actually i was thinking about him while preparing myself to office this morning. I hit a jackpot with our 3 meeting today


Sunday, September 27, 2015

What is there to...

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As i lying on my couch in my cozy living room while listening to the bourne identity currently playing on my tv, i wonder, what is there to whatever is there out there... All i know is that i feel nothing.. Living day in day out.. Working.. Meeting people... The whole cycle just repeated itself... Will this be the rest of everything?? Or beginning of something... Or its just nothing... Im confused... And restless.. Hmmmm...

My Brother Brilliant Conclusion....

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Wake me up when September End... Eseh tetiba terngat lagu ni sebab September kan... pastuuu September juga adalah Autism Awareness Month!

Last week my uncle from Labuan came to KL to have his first bypass surgery in IJN. Seriously, it was terrifying!! Why? because after my uncle operation, he was moved to ICU for further monitoring. ICU is ICU. What a scary surrounding. Wires here and there, the life supporting machines were beeping all the time and right in front of my uncle's bed was a body of of patient who died during the surgery... RIP.

Fortunately my uncle operation went well and now he is recovering at fast speed.  Me and my brother visited him during Raya holiday.  He kindly gave us an advice saying that smoking kills. As my brother himself smoke, so he just give a very nice smirk to my uncle advised. He eventually said that though he's smoking, but he do sports! and thats when my uncle retaliates that he do ALL kind of SPORT. And look what he got into. A once heavy smoker who lovee to do sports and finally managed to stop smoking at the age of 54 and end up with blockage blood veins to his heart. 

My uncle add, it all start when he stopped smoking. Eventually all the penyakit coming in the end. And that's when my brother jump into conclusions that "i should not stop smoking!!" how can someone have that kind of hypothesis cum conclusions?? and thats when i decided to agree with the saying of "we should not argue with smoker. because they will only think that they are right and us are nuisance" my brother is a living proof...

Hopefully, the world will be free from smokes because smoking not only causing poor health conditions but also HAZE!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Between your dream job and your bestie

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Yesterday while driving home from work i was listening to jeremy and kavin on red.fm jam. Of cosla during jam time we need something to exercise our mind preventing us from cursing other drivers. However, luckily im in putrajaya so i rarely curse except if i have to go to kl and it was jam. Maka carutan bermula huhuhu... Ok back to the above. Yesterday's topic was quite challenging. I feel like i wanted to call the station but im not hehehe... The situation was "u finally have your dreammmm job. The job that u dreaaaammm of. After so many hurdle u finally nailed the job. However, your bestfriend husband is ur current boss. Due to circumstances, u found out that your boss aka ur bff husband is having an affair. What would u do? Will u sacrafice ur dream job to save ur bff or u keep it to yourself without telling ur bff?

Being the nice kavin he choose to let go of his job and reported to his bff. But, jeremy think otherwise. He will not sacrafice his job because its the source of his income and he still need to put foods on the table. The divided opinions also shared by the listeners who called. And i myself give some thinking too. If its happened to me n my bff, i will try to keep both. Telling my bff and at the same time trying not to jeorpadize my dream and current job. How? I will send an anonymus letter to my friend with proof pictures of the affairs and ask my friend to keep her 2 eyes on her husband. I know she will definitely will ask me to spy on her husband and i will say yess but tell her nothing myself. And, i will always be there for her to support and console. If her husband aka my boss doubt me, i will say the following "she is my bestfriend n u r my boss. It is your decision to do what u r currently doing and i dont want to involved in ur family matters. But, the fact that u r calling me asking me about this, it is the same as you are admitting that you r currently having an affair. As your staff i choose to say 'it is ur business' but, as ur wife bff i think i have a right to say that u should be ashame of yourself! However boss, i am a professional, i sincerely hope you too."

I reallly hope it will not happened to me n people around me. But, to my friends who read this, if someday ur husband becoming my boss, and suddenly u r receiving anonymus letter with ur husband pictures in it, please be informed that it is me telling you that ur husband is currently having an affair outside ur marriage. 

Thank you n goodbye


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cantik itu subjektif

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I just finish stalking marion counter, marshanda and marian rivera garcia instagram. The 3 women are super gorgeous not to mention they are mommies. To hypnotized my soul, i told myself that i am beautiful too, however, at the end of my sentence i added," but there are zillions more beautiful women out there than you" before i burst out laughing at my own statement bwahahaha

Happy Malaysia Day 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Notre Dame, Paris

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Selamat hari raya lovelies.... 
While browsing blog this morning, i came accross a blog sharing her visit to Notre Dame, Paris. I myself have a chance visiting Paris during spring last year and of cos a Notre Dame is one of the hotspot for tourists. As for me, i dont have any knowledge of Notre Dame aside i know an anime character by the name "a hunchback of Notre Dame" which i watch during my childhood days. I am truly sorry for my ignorance..

As one of the tourists spot, i was so mesmerized by the architecture of Notre Dame, Knowing it was build many many yearsssss a go. Honestly i am not into taking picture as i love to appreciate the beauty with my eyes hahhahah.. So lame ... Not knowing what is Notre Dame really is, i asked my friend. 

"Melda, apa ba Notre Dame ni?" Melda and ritnie were busy taking pictures in every conner of the place.

"Ohh museum," she replied me and at the same time still busy taking pictures.

I nodded my head believing every words she said. Then, i approached the building. The closer i am, the more i find melda explanation was doubtful. When finally i reach the main gate i then realised it was not a museum but a church! I then took the liberty to run to both my friends who still at their spot wayyyy back from the church. 

"Melda!!! Ini bukan museum laa ini church!" I told her. And she just brushed me off with

"Ooooo" And of cos still busy taking pictures with the pigeons.

Listening to her answer i was like "WTH"


Our moment in Notre Dame never failed to make me laugh every times...

View from a far

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Blues

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What's the use of Monday without the BLUES...
Monday and Blues walk hand-in-hand, run side by side, jump after each other..
And today im in the blues because its Monday...

Aaa.. i can't wait to go home to get out of this blues..
I am not smurf for me to feel this blues.. im not blue
Why do Monday is the hardest day of the week?
When the skies today are not blue...

But.. as usual.. the Monday Blues

I feel sorry, but still i hate you !!

-Norazo in blues-

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Was that him?

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I recently went back to Labuan for Kaamatan holiday. It was a quick non-plan leave at all. My mom just throwing her idea of wanting me to come back. So i did. Nothing much and nothing new. I rarely going out. I prefer to stay indoor and hibernating hahahaha.. and the main event was eating till my stomach full and burst from the joy..hahahha..

Ok.. the reason im writing today is because i think i met 'him' in Labuan though im not so sure because i was driving and he was crossing the road. (mcam cerita drama melayu n korea di situ) and i couldn't confirmed because it happened so fast. However, from the side profile and height, i think i was right that it was him... ^______^

So, who is him?? Him im talking about is him i met coincidentally almost 2 years ago and i wrote it here and here..

If that was indeed him, the BIG question is "What R U Doing in Putrajaya?"

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And the Story Goes

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I have a dream.. of fantasy.. Asslammualaikum... it's been awhile since i greet my readers.. ceyyyyy.. perasan haahahaha.. how many are you guys? I am just rephrasing the sentence made by Korean celebrities every time they greet their fans  after a long time kekekeke...

Last night i was standing on my shakeiss (please google) while watching Pride and Prejudice (2005). It was a period movie (originally a novel by Jane Austin) depicts the lives of 5 sisters in 1800s something. It was a great movies. About a plain middle class girl fall in love with a wealthy gentleman worth 10,000 pounds a year hahahaha.. Thats a huge amount of money even for today. To cut the story short, she end up marrying the gentleman after all the misunderstandings between them.

Last night also, i was happened to sit in front of my book rack studying all the novel by Judith McNaught i happened to collect. I just loveeeee her writing. It's fantastic.. dreamy, educational, etc... I specifically love her collection of period novels. It makes me wonder, how exactly the live during those era. Well, if you happened to be born in high society family, you might not need to worried about what gown to wear, how many ribbons in your wardrobe etc because you can afford it. The main worries is how to grab a wealthy husband to afford the luxury lives.. However, if you happened to be born from working class family, you will forever be working as a housemaid in someone else house... Pathetic...

My favourite books was Almost Heaven, Something Wonderful and Until You! Superb writing, plot, and dilemmas.  I just need to re-read the novel and dreaming...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


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Path and pathway..
.am i on the right path?
Or.. Am i still far away from the path
Are we going in the same path
Am i drifted away from the fateful path?
I think im still in the right path and on the same pathway..
I wish me well, i wish for the best, i wish for the greater good, 
I wish ... I wish... And i will 

I just want to be..

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Hallo... To whom exactly this hello goes out to? But still hello...
My mood now kinda sad.. Not because something bad happening to me, but i am so into a song which represent betrayal, sad memories, loneliness... Etc.. Due to that, i am soooooooo sad and down... I love music. But i never thought song can influence human mood. Speacially if it's a non-english nor malay song... I can still understand the sadness.. What happened to meeeeeee? Seriously, i cannot live ve like thisss... But still i keep on listening to it, it,s a number one song in my playlist currently... 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Manisnya cinta

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Yesterday i bought a novel "Manisnya Cinta" by Anis Ayuni. Sbb utama aku beli sbb cover novel tu adalah Fazura. I like her the most out of all female celebrity in Malaysia. She's sweet and darling. With that reason alone i bought that novel. Of course after taking into consideration the synopsys of the story. Aku bru start baca buku tu a few hours ago tp aku sdh senyum2 sendiri. Bukan sbb manisnya cinta yg digambarkan tp sbb aku rasa umpama aku baca kisah hidupku pun ada. Monolog2 watak utama tu adalah monolog2 ku juga. Soalan2 sindiran cepu emas tak hengat yg ditujukan utk watak utama are the exact same questions towards me whenever i met all my aunty and cousins back home. Dan Jawapan selamba "malas tah ku ingau" (like i care) yg watak utama jawab umpama jawapan loyar burukku tiap kali kna tanya. Then perdebatan watak utama mengenai institusi perkahwinan dan keluarga tu perdebatan hatiku juga lately. And the thing that made me LOL the most is when watak utama berangan2 dpt mentua yg baik mcm bakal mentua adik beliau then dia cepat mengingatkan dirinya "teman lelaki pn belum ada tp angan2 nak dpt ibu mertua" hahahhaha.... Aku pun slalu wish dan berangan2 my future in laws will be as sporting as my parents. Then bila this kind of thought enter my mind aku cepat2 ckp "BF pn blm ada tp ada hati angan2 dpt mentua  mcm mama sama bapa" hahahah.. Tp seriously i wish someday if i ever have a chance of meeting my future in laws i wish it would be as nearly perfect as my parents ... Aminnn....

Aku rasa siapa2 yg have the exact same dilemma as myself and watak utama buku ni can relate to her inner feeling... Ayuh kita berusahaaaa! Namun, jodoh pertemuan, rezeki dan ajal maut kerja Allah. Tp kna juga cuba try test cari hehehehhe...

P/s bsk aku kna chair meeting.... (Mengeluh)... Dear 6 february, please come faster... Tqvm

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


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When i was final year during my degree, i was hooked to the Beatles song 'Yesterday'. Because at that time, i thought the lyrics really describe how i feel while completing my project paper. I always humming the song whenever i can't find any idea to put into my papers. At that time also i thought my project paper was my biggest challenge in my life. I really thought once i complete this i can do everything and anything! Semangat itu penting.. However, little that i know, my current state of stress was much more greater than what i've had experience before and i thought how i childish i was hehehhehehe... Apa apa pun, hidup mesti diteruskan.semoga 2 minggu ni berlalu dengan cepat tanpa sebarang masalah... Amin....

P/s baruuu syiok melayan romantika ceta korea sblm teringat hari esok  dr musim

terus musim

Friday, January 16, 2015

New year and New Resolution and The Same Old ME

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Last night i was giggling while watching Korean Drama "Healer". My heart flutter and i feel very childish hahahahahha! it's been sooo long since i watch K-Drama. And i did it again just to past the time during weekend and nights. That when this thought came to my mind "heol, ur life is so boring Norazo. Living the same routine repeated every days, weeks, months and years" 

Should i go climb everest? huh.. mount kinabalu pun tengok dari jauh jauhhhh saja.. hahaha... inikan everest.. ;p I want to spice up my life, spice up my life please please and please... btw, there is one cafeteria boy who work as a cashier, he remind me so much of the healer character. Maybe because he is bulky hahahaha.. nahh.. i dont have any interest in him though, He looks like he's 25 and i past that number long long time ago. Its just when i see him, he remind me of the healer from the K-Drama. Btw, Hyun Bin is back next week muukyaaaa~~~~ (fan girl scream). I have watched many lead actors in drama this past few years, but i dont know why,  hyun bin never failed to make my heart flutters .. ohhh i feel very excited... Oppa... welcome back to TV..

So my very first post for the year 2015, have nothing to do with any resolution whatsoever because i'll never follow.. hahahaha... 

This is my latest on TV crush "Healer"


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