Monday, December 22, 2014

Read to me

Posted by Norazo at 11:43 PM
When i was 5-6 years old my mom always read me stories before bed time. My mom work in school therefore i have unlimited resources of books. I remember she will lay next to me on our bed and read me book and that motivated me to read faster. I always miss those moments  when she was taller and bigger than me...

My mom also was very hard on me. When i was 7-8 years old she make sure i memorized all the multiplication tables. I have to memorize one table per day until i memorized all of it. After i can remember everything she will make sure i recited it everyday. If i cannot answer her random question she will not let me having my snacks... Only after i can answer all her questions, then she will rewards me with foods .. Hahaha .. When i think back during those regime, i cannot remember where my older brother was. But then again he was a better student than myself.....hehe

When my twin brothers were born i feel neglected. My older brother also was accepted into boarding school therefore he was rarely at home. My older brother was 4 years older than me while my twin brothers were 8 years younger and so i feel a very huge generation gap. My parents attention were focus on my twin brothers and my older brother because my big bro was accepted into the bestest school in Labuan while my twins brother were still very little... And as for me, i was a part time nanny and a lazy daughter hahahhaha... But still i love my family.. Without them i wont be what i am now.

If someday, i have my own children to attend to i will make sure i read to them regularly.. InsyaAllah.. ^_______^

P/s im going home for Christmas n New Year holiday yeayyyyy....



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