Thursday, December 18, 2014


Posted by Norazo at 10:53 AM
And so im back in december hehehe... 
Today i want to share my view obsession. Most of my friend know my obsession for Korean variety show. However, The thing i realised from watching korean n japanese variety show/drama is that young girls in both countries are obsessed with good looking guy in their school or neighbouring hschool etc. if u watch korean n japanese school drama, fangirling scene is exists in most of their plot. Well i thought they just exaggerate the plot. However, its true. Well u can see their obsession for their idols and its spreading around the world!

Last April i have a chance to visit Japan for work related matters. I was responsible for 25 students n one of the schedule was to visit one of the high school there. One of my student was cute. Well he is cute. Fair skin, tall, justin bieber hairstyle, nice smile etc. in short, he is handsome lah. 

Since we were from foreign countries, of course our present was known. However, the shocking thing was this particular student of mine has taken the school by storms! His looks has become the hot topic among the girls. My prediction they have shared the news on their twitter/sns/social media whatever they call it in Japan. All the girls have their eyes fix on him. Trying to get his email, number and take his photos secretly.  The lucky one even has the chance to Take a photo with him. The funny thing was, our Japanese counterpart (staff) doesnt find the whole situation as strange. While me, i just nodding my head and smiles. Thats when i realised, this kind of obsession is real. They are not exaggerating. Its real.

Its a fresh experience for me. Different nation have different cultures. But its interesting! I bet the boy also feels like he is kpop/jpop idol or something hehe..



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