Sunday, December 21, 2014


Posted by Norazo at 10:32 PM
When i was a little girl, my brother and i together with our cousins attending Quran lesson at ustaz house in the next kampung. Usually my father or our bigger cousin drove us there. At one time, the road to ustaz house was block for road construction. My father had to drop us few meters from our ustaz house. Usually the lesson was held at night. After the lesson was over, the 6 of us have to brace the dark night with only moonlight as our guidance. We hold our hand tightly and the boys walked ahead of us. Then, there were hundreds tiny yellow green light floating around us and it frightened us. The location of our ustaz house was very far from 'civilization' as it was the only house there (and still till now). Therefore, when there were tiny light floating around us we only remember one thing. And that thing was "ghost fingernails"! That was exactly the story our cousin told us and we run our lung out to my father's car. Unfortunately, it didn't end there. Our cousin which we call Abang Aman was the biggest prank of all. He was the oldest cousin from my father side. And he love to tease us. We were still trembling from the ghost fingernails incident and that time during our way home, Abang Aman make a sudden turn to the cemetery and the 6 of us including the boys were shouting like crazy... I remember my cousin was crying her heart out and Abang Aman laughing out loud. He was 20 at that time and now his eldest son was engage to be married.

To think back of what happened back then, we were so naive. How can we assumed the beautiful fireflies as ghost? Hahahah... I bet those fireflies just wanted to light the way for us since it was dark. Now, i live in the city. I have no chance of meeting the fireflies. I bet even in my kampung it is hardly to find a single firefly. The price we have to pay for modernization. But still i am lucky to be able to actually 'meet' the fireflies.. even at that time we ran away from it.. hehehe

Dear fireflies, please please and pleaseee do not get extinct! Please remind beautiful an bright... 

This is exactly the same situation back then. With trees and fireflies around us



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