Monday, December 22, 2014


Posted by Norazo at 5:47 PM
Salam semuanyaa...

In our everyday life we've met new people. Young and old , different status with different rank. I don't mean to treat people according to their rank.. no and of course not. If they older than me i will use formal words, if they younger than me still i will use formal words. Mostly, i will use informal language with my close friends and colleagues. However, i have a slight problem when i wish to make a transition from formal to informal languages among my new friend. Its hard... I really wish i can talking down to them..  i find it awkward to use "aku" from"saya" or :"kau" from "awak' or the person's name.

Aigoo yaa aigoo yaaaa..... I want to be closed to them but, my slight problems makes me difficult to get close with my new friends easily..hmmm... and sometimes i do feel awakward when older person whom i greet as kakak used informal language with me hahahaa... Complicated enough

In Labuan, we identify ourself as "aku" and "kita" when addressing a person older than us or "kau" for person who younger than us. In our customs, it doesn't consider as rude. However here, its really hard to use "aku" and "kau" freely  because its consider rude specially for people we've just met.

Its a confusing post with a confusing words and confusing title.. and i am confused... 



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