Monday, December 22, 2014

Read to me

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When i was 5-6 years old my mom always read me stories before bed time. My mom work in school therefore i have unlimited resources of books. I remember she will lay next to me on our bed and read me book and that motivated me to read faster. I always miss those moments  when she was taller and bigger than me...

My mom also was very hard on me. When i was 7-8 years old she make sure i memorized all the multiplication tables. I have to memorize one table per day until i memorized all of it. After i can remember everything she will make sure i recited it everyday. If i cannot answer her random question she will not let me having my snacks... Only after i can answer all her questions, then she will rewards me with foods .. Hahaha .. When i think back during those regime, i cannot remember where my older brother was. But then again he was a better student than myself.....hehe

When my twin brothers were born i feel neglected. My older brother also was accepted into boarding school therefore he was rarely at home. My older brother was 4 years older than me while my twin brothers were 8 years younger and so i feel a very huge generation gap. My parents attention were focus on my twin brothers and my older brother because my big bro was accepted into the bestest school in Labuan while my twins brother were still very little... And as for me, i was a part time nanny and a lazy daughter hahahhaha... But still i love my family.. Without them i wont be what i am now.

If someday, i have my own children to attend to i will make sure i read to them regularly.. InsyaAllah.. ^_______^

P/s im going home for Christmas n New Year holiday yeayyyyy....


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Arghhhh i forgot to save my post and now its goneeeeeeee.... Ohh #%^*+=¥£€?,.|#>~


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Salam semuanyaa...

In our everyday life we've met new people. Young and old , different status with different rank. I don't mean to treat people according to their rank.. no and of course not. If they older than me i will use formal words, if they younger than me still i will use formal words. Mostly, i will use informal language with my close friends and colleagues. However, i have a slight problem when i wish to make a transition from formal to informal languages among my new friend. Its hard... I really wish i can talking down to them..  i find it awkward to use "aku" from"saya" or :"kau" from "awak' or the person's name.

Aigoo yaa aigoo yaaaa..... I want to be closed to them but, my slight problems makes me difficult to get close with my new friends easily..hmmm... and sometimes i do feel awakward when older person whom i greet as kakak used informal language with me hahahaa... Complicated enough

In Labuan, we identify ourself as "aku" and "kita" when addressing a person older than us or "kau" for person who younger than us. In our customs, it doesn't consider as rude. However here, its really hard to use "aku" and "kau" freely  because its consider rude specially for people we've just met.

Its a confusing post with a confusing words and confusing title.. and i am confused... 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


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When i was a little girl, my brother and i together with our cousins attending Quran lesson at ustaz house in the next kampung. Usually my father or our bigger cousin drove us there. At one time, the road to ustaz house was block for road construction. My father had to drop us few meters from our ustaz house. Usually the lesson was held at night. After the lesson was over, the 6 of us have to brace the dark night with only moonlight as our guidance. We hold our hand tightly and the boys walked ahead of us. Then, there were hundreds tiny yellow green light floating around us and it frightened us. The location of our ustaz house was very far from 'civilization' as it was the only house there (and still till now). Therefore, when there were tiny light floating around us we only remember one thing. And that thing was "ghost fingernails"! That was exactly the story our cousin told us and we run our lung out to my father's car. Unfortunately, it didn't end there. Our cousin which we call Abang Aman was the biggest prank of all. He was the oldest cousin from my father side. And he love to tease us. We were still trembling from the ghost fingernails incident and that time during our way home, Abang Aman make a sudden turn to the cemetery and the 6 of us including the boys were shouting like crazy... I remember my cousin was crying her heart out and Abang Aman laughing out loud. He was 20 at that time and now his eldest son was engage to be married.

To think back of what happened back then, we were so naive. How can we assumed the beautiful fireflies as ghost? Hahahah... I bet those fireflies just wanted to light the way for us since it was dark. Now, i live in the city. I have no chance of meeting the fireflies. I bet even in my kampung it is hardly to find a single firefly. The price we have to pay for modernization. But still i am lucky to be able to actually 'meet' the fireflies.. even at that time we ran away from it.. hehehe

Dear fireflies, please please and pleaseee do not get extinct! Please remind beautiful an bright... 

This is exactly the same situation back then. With trees and fireflies around us

Thursday, December 18, 2014


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And so im back in december hehehe... 
Today i want to share my view obsession. Most of my friend know my obsession for Korean variety show. However, The thing i realised from watching korean n japanese variety show/drama is that young girls in both countries are obsessed with good looking guy in their school or neighbouring hschool etc. if u watch korean n japanese school drama, fangirling scene is exists in most of their plot. Well i thought they just exaggerate the plot. However, its true. Well u can see their obsession for their idols and its spreading around the world!

Last April i have a chance to visit Japan for work related matters. I was responsible for 25 students n one of the schedule was to visit one of the high school there. One of my student was cute. Well he is cute. Fair skin, tall, justin bieber hairstyle, nice smile etc. in short, he is handsome lah. 

Since we were from foreign countries, of course our present was known. However, the shocking thing was this particular student of mine has taken the school by storms! His looks has become the hot topic among the girls. My prediction they have shared the news on their twitter/sns/social media whatever they call it in Japan. All the girls have their eyes fix on him. Trying to get his email, number and take his photos secretly.  The lucky one even has the chance to Take a photo with him. The funny thing was, our Japanese counterpart (staff) doesnt find the whole situation as strange. While me, i just nodding my head and smiles. Thats when i realised, this kind of obsession is real. They are not exaggerating. Its real.

Its a fresh experience for me. Different nation have different cultures. But its interesting! I bet the boy also feels like he is kpop/jpop idol or something hehe..

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hallo there

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Wow... The end of 2014 is approaching. Many things happened to me this year. My career ... My life... My  journey...Yess i do feel my life still incomplete but i try to make the best of it. 

Sometimes i think to myself, what if his/her life is mine. Will i get satisfy?The answer is no because human rarely satisfy/satisfied. And im human... When i was a little girl probably 6 to 8 y.o i love to sit on the verandah at my old house. It was night but with starry sky. Back then star always visible but now due to polution i guess i rarely see the stars or i rarely look up the sky. I read/watch something on tv/books mentioning if u look up the sky and u see a shooting star and u make a wish it'll come true. Being young and naive and believe everything on tv, that particular night i saw the shooting star. I was stunt for a moment before i closed my eyes and made a wish! However, i dont even remember what i wish for hahahhaah... Probably i want to meet ultraman or something kahkahkah...

However, if only.. If only someday, i'll look up the sky and suddenly the shooting star appear up there in the sky, this time i definitely not going to have a childish wish hahaha..but then as a Muslim, we shouldn't believe in that. We dont have to wait for meteor to ask for something. We can ask anything, everything every second of everyday to God. Because God will listen.. So i wish.....


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