Sunday, July 13, 2014


Posted by Norazo at 2:04 PM
Musim untuk soalan2 klise akan datang lagiiii... Hari d mana perkumpulan sanak saudara sahabat handai n jiran tetangga akan berlaku. Musim perayaan.. The best part of this festive season is all families, friends and neighbours get together in a larger group updating each other lives and achievements in a year apart. However, there is also the scary part of it. This is the time when families, friends and neighbours will definitely attack me with a very klise question such as "bila lagi?" Ohemjiii.. How should i prepare for this one this year??? I just pray miracle happen at the very last minute e.g they forgot to ask or they to ashame to ask or they given up already huhuhu...

Happy festive season... Salam Ramadhan ke-15




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