Saturday, July 5, 2014


Posted by Norazo at 12:35 AM
Selca (self camera) in korean culture or generally known as selfie throughtout the world is currently the world phenomenon. Even some of the world leader also took selfie with their counterpart. How cute. I have to say that im not into selfie. Let alone posted it on facebook. I rarely take a picture for myself and posted in for the pleasures of others. I feels like im no longer in that age anymore. But, i do sometimes for my very own satisfaction hehehe... I downloaded this cool apps from app store "frame magic" and i love it!! Its really fantastic.. And recently i bought a shawl from radiusite so i took many selfie of myself hahha.. My friend was doing her shopping and she dragging me with her because its cost less if we buy the item in a large quantity. So i also terjerumus sekali heheheheh

Btw the reason i dont fancy selfie is that the picture doesnt represent the real you. Its just a mirror of what u want everybody to see and to judge. 

P/s i am working hard to look good in these pictures and thanks to camera360 for making my flawless skin wakakakakaka



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