Friday, May 2, 2014

Harry Potter Adventure!

Posted by Norazo at 1:31 PM
Salam Jumaat...

In this beautiful friday,,, the smells of weekends is stronger... the ever bestest days of the week... since im in a good mood, i will updating my tour to Harry Potter Studio in Watford. The Warner Bros studios was located in a city call Watford. It tooks 30 - 45 min by train from London Euston Station to Watford station. Details of the studios can be read at their website Warner Bros Studio Tour. It has been my dream to visit the studio because i've always curious on how their do all the stunt, magic and flying. And, yes i have the opportunity to FLY .. so seronokkkkk!!

I have the chance to experience the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, flying broomstick and flying car however, i did not have the chance to drink the butterbeer.. Honestly, it was a pricey yet a very worth tour.. just close my eyes and imagine the spending of £130 in the studios is equivalent to RM130... (>__<)

So here goes the pictures...!!!
Just arrived by bus

Main Entrance

with the real set from the 1st movie

in the great hall

Prop for the yule ball

Hermoine, Harry, Cho and Victor Krum costume

Harry Potter's bed

The Mirror of Erised

Dumbledore's office


memory bottles?

Potion class

Hagrid's hut

The Burrow, the Weasly's house

The Death Eater real costume

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Quidditch props

Actually, i have taken a memorable picture in Platform 9 3/4, however. it's in my friend's camera...


Here i come with the smileeee

Oh crap, i cannot go in .. but i still smiling hehehe

Ok thats all




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