Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Trip to South Korea : Busan ~ Seoul : Day 4

Posted by Norazo at 12:27 PM

After a very longggggg time i decided to update our days in Korea last November. During our 4th day, we decided to go to Nami Island. Since this is my second trip to South Korea and my second visit to Nami Island so im not expecting much. However, unlike last time, this time we went there by public transport. And, unlike last time, last year visit was almost the end of autumn because the leafs mostly fall from the trees!! The last time i went there Nami Island was full with colourful leafs. 

It tooks 1 hours ++ to reach the Gapyeong Station (nearest station to Nami Island). From  the station, we took the taxi (KRW3,000) and ferry ride to Nami Island (KRW8,000). So here goes the pictures
The travel buses near the ticket counter

The Aslan's

The Hamid and the Aslan's on ferry

The things we do best


The stone with some writings

The naked woman behind her hehehe

Adik2 saya feeling2 autumn sonata

ASEAN coner hehe

Me with the ducks

Cutenya kamiiiiii

The sun and the naked trees

Gaya2 kami

Norazo, trees, sunlights and the golden leafs

Adik saya n basikal

The third party in the middle hehe

The Aslan's

Feeling sajaaaaa

Adik sya yang sentiasa lapar

Gapyeong Station
Drama Cafe
This restaurant serve halal food (a lunchbox with eggs and kimchi)
The Drama Cafe
The frozen lake (let it gooooooo~~~~)
The trees, the sunlight and the golden leafs...

Cik mek comey



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