Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Londres - Paris - Londres

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The May is comingggg....  a lot have happened since my last visit here... i have been to 3 countries in 2 months! amazing isnt it. I feel blessed though. To have the opportunities to visit other countries. I used to dream about it. never realized that i have actually done it!  It can be realized after all. As i mentioned before, im coming from the tiny little dot island in the world map call Labuan, in the east side of Malaysia. So, we rarely have this kind of opportunity if you are not rich or smart. but i've made it with my own sweat! I used to joke a lot with my dad of wanting to stay in UK and during Raya, i will send my regards and salam aidilfitri through TV. Of cos im not staying there, but i've been there recently. To London and Paris. Beautiful cities, beautiful countries, beautiful architecture. However, i fancy Paris more than London though because of its architecture (and beautiful people [i mean guys ;p]) 

London and Paris are very convinience to Muslim travellers like me. You can easily find Halal Foods. In Paris, right in front of the Gare Du Nord station you will see Kebab Halal restaurant and in front of London King Cross Station there are many Halal restaurants and Halal Pizza! Food is never a problem. So here are some picturessss

Pagi d London sebelum ke Paris


Hotel Terminus Nord. next to it is Kebab Halal

Gare Du Nord

Notre Dame ada cerita lawak d sni. My travel buddy told me it is a Museum. Please do some research first

Ambik feel

Paris cherish art so very much

no need to explain this

Bambam n Eiffel

Right below the tower

It was my birthday!!!

Paris from the tower

The night


Pun feeling

Lourve Museum, Paris


BamBam and Tower Bridge

Bambam tengah baca surat khabar free di atas London Bridge nun

Abbey Road

Big Ben

Eyes of London

Feeling2 di St James Park

Buckingham Palace, time ni sdg makan belgian waffel yg harganya xpyh ceritalah huh.. sejuk pn x pyh ceritalah

Haruss org begambar dpn pintu gate Istana

Ayam biru di Trafalgar Square

Oxford Streets
Oxford Streets
Hujan Ais
Trafalgar Square
Jalur Gemilang d Trafalgar Square

St. Pancras Clock Tower 

Bye.. XOXO

p/s : COMING SOON : Adventure in Harry Potter Studio



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