Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Be grateful.. less asking

Posted by Norazo at 5:02 PM
In a day, how many times do we feel grateful of what we have/achieved so far?? i have to admit, in my prayers i seldom thanking the Almighty for what He have given me because most of the time i am always asking .. asking... asking... asking for more.

I've read something before, if we pray for something and hope it to be answer ASAP by Allah then it will not be answer (it will be, but maybe later).. Today, while browsing my Instagram, i stumble upon my friend's photo when she was in Mekah doing her Umrah. Its the picture of Kaabah. She post the picture along with the beautiful words and it hits me.. it hits me greatly and i am thankful for the reminder.. to be grateful, to be thankful. Less asking... just believing and be thankful....

Here what she said :

This was where I realized, that thanking God for what He already provided for me makes more sense than asking Him for more, because He has always known what's in my heart. :)

Well said.. i will try to remember, try to be mo grateful, try to be happy of what i am now.. InsyaAllah....

p/s : my smartphone kena rampas! 



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