Monday, February 3, 2014

You are the apple of my eyes

Posted by Norazo at 12:08 AM
Its FEBRUARY!! The month of romance wawawawa!! One thing i know, its going to be a veey hectic month for me... BERUSAHA!

Growing up, we surely met our first love interest. The one we looking forward to meet at school.. We looking forward to school justtt to take a glimpse of that person hahahah. But my apple was sit next to me heheheh... I bet he dont know how i felt!! That time the only acceptable criteria is that person has to be good looking. Looking back at those years we have soooo much fun. We thinks of boys, britney spears, all the boyband groups etc. books? Exam? Naaaahhh... We studied so hard learning maths formula. In the end my current work doesnt need maths formula at all. Luckily im not a bookworm hehheh.. But still it is part growing up...

So let us think of our very first "apple of the eyes" back then hehehe i remember mine already heheh... Wish that person a very good luck and happy2 selalu.... With ur wife and children and yess he's married ^________^

P/s my apple was my classmate in standard 6 kuang kuang kuang



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