Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Posted by Norazo at 1:17 AM
Segala yg berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya.. Allah itu maha adil dan mengetahui.. Lambat atau cepat sesuatu itu adalah mengikut peraturan dan takdir yang telah disusun oleh-Nya..

Yesterday, i heard a story from my friend about our friend. I was vying for her side of the story because im curious. Without noticing she revealed her story. Its just on the surface but enough for me to judge. I pity her. All these years, our friend told me the opposite of what she told me. Listening to her story, i choose to believe to her version. She is still pure, naive and honest. Many years ago, when our friend told me his story i was shocked and i couldnt believe it. But lately it was haunting me. And i take it as an answer from Allah when my friend asked me for a favour which im happy to help. I open the topic and she revealed it. I smile. I never wronged her alhamdullilah. I think i know why our friend told his 'lie'. However, what passed is in the past. We were young and have our pride. I can forgive but not forget. To u my friend, you really leaving a super impression. Luckily im not  believing it 100%. 

Men and boys are scary sometimes. Their gossip are much more terrible then girls. In second, they can making u a laughingstock! I hope my friend don't hear the rumors about her because its painful and unbearable plus its kinda humiliating. Men, men, men, a fascinating  speacies. Not all of course, only some... 

So in short, this story is answering my sudden curiosity. I believe my friend is a victim and Allah want me to know the truth.. Though the truth only revealed after 11 years, but better late than never kan. 

Semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnya...



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