Thursday, February 20, 2014

Power Overwhelming

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If i have a super power, i will definitely feel overwhelming heheh... Who doesnt like power?? All of us want power, need power and use power but please dont abuse ur power.. All i want is ... The power to fly!! So that whenever i feel lonely, sad, down, etc i will fly myself home... Gd night.. Just a thought for tonight...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life As we Know It

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Ok.. This is not about the 2010 Hollywood movie but its about our life as we know it. I know we cannot predict the  future but our daily experience living "in" the life is enough in making us to understand what life is. New year, new number and new story.. Everyone wish to
to turn for the better, me too.. Looking back to 10 years back i never thought The Almighty have wrote this stories for me. I dont know what my stories gonna be like 10 years from now. i cant predict. Im afraid. Lets us just live for the present shall we??  Heheh.. Coward.. 10 years ago i got my driving license. Its overwhelming. I cannot live without car since then. 10 years ago my classmates bought a surprise birthday cake for me. I was touched. I'll never gonna forget that day. Within 10 years after my surprise birthday cake, we went our separate ways. Making new friend, writing new stories, living the life, having beautiful family, some got divorced, some got jilted by fiance and some  still single. Like me! Im not gonna regret my stories. Its beautiful in its own way. Its unique somehow. Every stories we encounter is speacial. And, i hope.. 10 years from now, i'll be able to write my next chapter... N i hope, its going to be a happy one.. Heheh nightttt

Sunday, February 9, 2014

State of MIND

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Sometimes im lost
Sometimes i found
Sometimes i have enough!
Sometimes its less
Sometimes im bored
Sometimes im occupied
Sometimes i think
Sometimes i blunt
Sometimes im at ease
Sometimes im worried
Sometimes im high 
Sometimes im low
Sometimrs im out
Sometimed im in
Sometimes im hard
Sometimes im soft
Sometimes im convinced
Sometimes i ponder
Sometimes sometimes and more sometimes

-norazo current state of mind-

Thursday, February 6, 2014


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Its hard, i want to RUN
Its getting tough, i want to RUN
Its challenging, i want to RUN
Im stress, i want to RUN

however RUNNING
is not the solution...
Its not the answer
Its hurting
Its humiliating

Im stronger
I am a fighter
I am a lover
Please listen...
Don't look down
Im a person
Don't look down

I will RUN forward
I will RUN upward
I will keep on RUNNING
I will RUN till the end
I will hold my head  high

RUN if you are RUNNING MAN

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


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Segala yg berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya.. Allah itu maha adil dan mengetahui.. Lambat atau cepat sesuatu itu adalah mengikut peraturan dan takdir yang telah disusun oleh-Nya..

Yesterday, i heard a story from my friend about our friend. I was vying for her side of the story because im curious. Without noticing she revealed her story. Its just on the surface but enough for me to judge. I pity her. All these years, our friend told me the opposite of what she told me. Listening to her story, i choose to believe to her version. She is still pure, naive and honest. Many years ago, when our friend told me his story i was shocked and i couldnt believe it. But lately it was haunting me. And i take it as an answer from Allah when my friend asked me for a favour which im happy to help. I open the topic and she revealed it. I smile. I never wronged her alhamdullilah. I think i know why our friend told his 'lie'. However, what passed is in the past. We were young and have our pride. I can forgive but not forget. To u my friend, you really leaving a super impression. Luckily im not  believing it 100%. 

Men and boys are scary sometimes. Their gossip are much more terrible then girls. In second, they can making u a laughingstock! I hope my friend don't hear the rumors about her because its painful and unbearable plus its kinda humiliating. Men, men, men, a fascinating  speacies. Not all of course, only some... 

So in short, this story is answering my sudden curiosity. I believe my friend is a victim and Allah want me to know the truth.. Though the truth only revealed after 11 years, but better late than never kan. 

Semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnya...

Monday, February 3, 2014

You are the apple of my eyes

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Its FEBRUARY!! The month of romance wawawawa!! One thing i know, its going to be a veey hectic month for me... BERUSAHA!

Growing up, we surely met our first love interest. The one we looking forward to meet at school.. We looking forward to school justtt to take a glimpse of that person hahahah. But my apple was sit next to me heheheh... I bet he dont know how i felt!! That time the only acceptable criteria is that person has to be good looking. Looking back at those years we have soooo much fun. We thinks of boys, britney spears, all the boyband groups etc. books? Exam? Naaaahhh... We studied so hard learning maths formula. In the end my current work doesnt need maths formula at all. Luckily im not a bookworm hehheh.. But still it is part growing up...

So let us think of our very first "apple of the eyes" back then hehehe i remember mine already heheh... Wish that person a very good luck and happy2 selalu.... With ur wife and children and yess he's married ^________^

P/s my apple was my classmate in standard 6 kuang kuang kuang


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