Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Happened?

Posted by Norazo at 2:50 PM
I thought we were friend
I thought we were close
We always have each other
Back up one another
Though it was only me who back you up most of the time

I know much about you
But sadly u don't really know about me
Probably because u were the one who do all the talking
While i'm listening

You told me about your new life
You told me about your new friends
You told me about all your activities
You told me about your problem
Sometime you share about your secrets
and I'm always there to listen

I did told you about my life
I did told you about my concern
I did told you about my opinion
I did told you..
But were you listen?

Time flied
We grew apart
We used to introduce each other to our friends
But after some times, we don't even bother to keep our friendship

There's a time when we quarreled about a silly things
Very silly
Im having more than one number
You told me your memory card was full because of me
To you i said i'm sorry

You started to move away from me
Im no longer in your number one friend list
I feel like i'm a forgotten friend
Therefore, i'm also moving myself away from you..

We used to be so closed
We used to  laugh out loud
We used to share our problem
We always used to be there for each other

but then

We grew further apart
We only exchange awkward casual smiles
We barely talking to each other
We forgot of how we used to be

After all these years
After all the bittersweet friendship
Why you haunting my dreams??
Why you even popped up in my dreams??
I don't want you in my dreams..
You have a new life now..
You have your very own soul mate, lover, friend and a child
But why you haunting my dreams? frequently...

You still my friend though, i hope
The one i used to cherish the most
What exactly happened between us?
It was quite a mystery
One second we were closed, the next minutes we were strangers

I wish for your happiness
I hope you wish the same for me too...
Please don't come in my dreams..
Please don't come in my dreams..
Please don't come in my dreams..



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