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Another Trip to South Korea : Busan ~ Seoul: Day 3

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Happy Happy Happy New Year..  walaweyyy... what a hugeeee gap from my previous entry.. nevermindlah.. as long as i am trying my level best to cover all the details during my last trip! okla kan... 

And so... The third day we went to Namsan Tower. Actually we supposed to visit Namsan Tower a day before however, we were arriving late from Busan and since its late autumn therefore the nights begin early and we postponed the visit to the next day. The funny things during this trip was that we were so laid back. The 4 of us. If others started their day at 8.30am, believe me, the four of us woke up at 9am and starting our day at 10am and coming back at 8pm. Due to that, we didnt manage to cover all the spots hahaahha...

Coming back to the review, from our Hostel, wee took the train from Euljiro 4(sa)-ga (Line 2) transfer at Dongdaemun Stadium (Line 2, Line 3, Line 1) to Myeondong Station (Line 3, Exit 4). I advised for the prospect visitor or readers to read the sign once u got off the train because we were lost. We took the very long route hiking the areas looking for the cable car station! Luckily we quite fit for the trip probably because of the stairs at the subway station. And when you think you are lost or u are lost, just ask around. We Asians are nice people.. and why i said that? yess because we're lost! After asking around we finally found the cable car station with heavy breathing... phewwww

So we're from waaayyyyyy down there

Pit stop said Namsan

To up there

Falling leafs

And so my brothers up there and im still one step below

So near yet so far


One way Ticket

The Aslan's

In the CC

The View

Up close
Masnah and the tower guard

Running Man Ep. 4 hehehe the exact gazebo
She and the tower

Duck face

During my last trip in 2011, i've already went to Namsan Tower. The place still the same. No changes. The only different is how i got there. Previously, by bus and this time by cable car. And there was another funny story. To save the budget, we decided (i made a suggestion, and agreed  unanimously)  to walk down. and it was painful... and again we're lost. What a waste of time. However, the view was very niceee...


After Namsan Tower, we walk and walk and walk and getting hungrier with each steps. We were just roaming the area and after an hour, miraculously we found Seoul Station which attach to Lotte Mall at the other side of the road. Walaweyyyy.. we asked one lady and she was so very nice and giving us the clear instruction in a very proper English. Thank you. So what are we having? Shrimp Burger at Lotteria Seriously i kinda miss that burger hahah.

 After we're having our express lunch, we took a train to Gwanghwamun Square (Gwanghwamun Station Line 5). Before heading to the famous square, we first visited the Cheonggyecheon stream. From the stream, we walked to the Gwanghwamun Square and take a closer look at the statue of General Lee Soo Shin who invented the turtle war ship and the statue of King Sejong, the inventor of hangul characters. We were supposed to visit the Gyeongbuk Palace but the place was closed. This is the 2nd time i went to Seoul and both times i was unable to set my foots inside the famous castle. xda jodoh hehehehe...

Gyeongbuk Castle overrrr theeereeee

Sitting in front of the castle

My brother ask me to tell our parents that they dont want to go back to Malaysia! haha

We were trying to find Hanok Village again we got lost so we were just loitering in the cold weather. Sejukkkk...

Masnah and the boys

 Our last destination for that day was Insadong. Its a very nice place for shopping. So when shopping no pictures. just shopping... penat kaki, penat badan penat duit

And that was the end of day 3...

bekalan makanan kami hehe

canned foods




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