Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Moment to Remember

Posted by Norazo at 12:37 AM
This is me. When i feel like sharing i write everyday. But when i didn't, i don't care to think of anything..

However, i have a cute story to tell. Referring to my previous post "Beautiful Coincidence", i just remember something today. In that post, i mention i feel like i've met the guy before but i can't remember. And today, i remember!

My first time meeting him was 3-4 months back at Petronas Station Precint 16. I was about to fill my SAA but i want to withdraw some money first. Then i feel like i want to drink nescafe latte (yummeh) and thats when i saw him standing in front of the regrigerator, observing the drinks on display. Since i know what to buy so i hurriedly open refrigerator and reaching my nescafe latte and he turn to me. Looking at me with his puzzle face. Probably i was interfering him because i came suddenly. I took out a can of Nescafe latte and walk straight to the cashier and he follow me. I walk to my car, filling my SAA and i saw him driving his car. I look at him and he was (i am quite sure) looking back at me.

The realisation so sweet and came sudddenly today and i can't help but smiling hehehe. I told my friends, if ever by God willing i am to meet him again for the third time, this time i will definitely smile heheh.. However, my dearest friend dayang dare me to say "hi" to him because according to her smiling isn't good enough. So sweet of her hahah but i'll think about it.. As this is not a drama and very farrrrrrrrr from reality, i don't want to put my hope so high.. But if i were to think of what Masnah said to me, since i met him here before, there is a high chances that this guy also live in Putrajaya.. Ohemmjiiiiiii...

Ohhhhseemmmm kerrrr??? Kahkahkah

A Moment to Remember..a moment worth remembering.. 




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