Thursday, January 2, 2014

A beautiful coincidence

Posted by Norazo at 6:15 PM
Happy new year 2014! 

I want to share a very beautiful coincidence happened to me during Christmas Day. Im going back for year end leave and of cos by plane. It happened right after i got off the train and waiting in front of the elevator. This one particular guy grab my attention because he looks like someone i knew but i could not recall. We ride the same elevator with many others got off from it and separated. I was rushing my way to the counter and while i am standing in the line i spot him standing next to me. u know la the zig zag line of the queue make us stand next to each other. I checked in my bag then again we got separated. I went to the allocated gate and wait. In my heart, i cursed the staff a lot for making waiting for almost half an hour before letting us in the waiting area. how come??? . once we were allowed to come in, i pick a seat facing the  view of the parking planes and the clouded sky. hehe.. i took out my iPod and literally dreaming of foods i wish to eat once i landed and that's when the mysterious guy whom i first met in front of the elevator, riding the same elevator, standing next to me in the zig zag line walked pass me and seated in a seating row facing me with his colleagues. not exactly we were facing each other but still very closed. I said to myself, what a beautiful coincidence. Of all the schedule flights that morning, and we're about to board the same flight! The staff asked us to come in according to our seat and i walked pass him. I was in a rush to get in the plane and i know he was still sitting with his collegues. However, suddenly in a flash of light he walked pass me and standing in front of me and i was stunt. you know the feeling when u met a good looking guy, in a beautiful coincidence it did made my heart skip 8 beats (not just a beat). He was much taller than me and i am 169 cm. Wearing a long sleeve t shirt with backpack and at that moment of times the lines were not moving. So im stuck behind him admiring his view from the back. I did smiled and i hope he didnt see my reflection in the mirror (or i am silently hoping he realised hahaha). We finally get on the plane and i thought to myself, what if i sit next to him?? however, right after i thought of that he found his seat huh.

The flight was bound to Labuan and Kota Kinabalu. I sms Masnah and told her about meeting this handsome fella. I told her that i will smile at him if i meet him again because i didnt know his final destination whether Labuan or KK. Masnah said "go for it!" During the 2 hours flight, i forgot about him (as i was sleeping) and the planes landed in Labuan. I stood up from my seat when i saw him also standing. OMG we have the very same destination! I got off the planes and waiting for my luggage and he's already waiting his with his colleagues. I remember my promise to Masnah however i just couldnt bring myself to smile. Will it be awkward if i smile to him when he was busy talking and looking left and right (i secretly hope he was looking for me bwahahahahah.. i feel like 15 y.o teenager meeting her crush). He got his luggage and went off and im still waiting for mine. I was in a hurry because i know i will not going to meet him again and finally my luggage was within my view. I drag my bags and the first thing i look was not my parents but i tried to find him. I was happy when i spot him! then i heard my mom calling me, i went for her and kiss both my parents hands and walk to my car. He was still there waiting for their transportation i guess. I took a final look at him before i get in the car then i silently said in my heart "good bye handsome boy".

The end...



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