Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Trip to South Korea : Busan ~ Seoul: Day 1

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Im back... and this time with updates from my recent trip to South Korea. again, yesss South Korea. Why? One : because this time we're backpacking (previously im following travel agency) ; Two: my dear brothers following us this time! yeay.. We were in a group of four (me, my brother, my brother and my buddy Masnah). We bought the return ticket to Busan in April @ RM581 for a travelling period from 10 - 17 November 2013. Cheap right..

Initially we wished to went straight ahead to Seoul but the tickets was quite expensive and since AirAsiaX announcing their new route to Busan so we thought why not? at least we're covering another part of South Korea hehehe

Our flight to Busan on 10/11/2013 was 8.30am in the morning and it took us 7 hours to reach Busan at 4PM local time. From Gimhae International Airport, we went straight to our first guesthouse for a night using Gimhae light transit then transfer to Busan Metro to Popcorn Guesthouse Busan Station. As a second largest city in South Korea, Busan public transportation is very convenience and very similar to Seoul. It has 4 lines and it's interconnected. Our guesthouse located near Choryang Station (Line 1, Exit 5, Orange). 
Just landed
View from the light rail
Another majestic view

Looking for exit!

Selca beramai2

Our hostel

By the time we landed, the temperature was around 13C and it was drop to 9C that night. Freshly coming from hot and humid country, my brothers were shocked but happy of course. Its a whole new experience for them (me and Masnah have experienced it before so we were mentally ready ;p). After checking in, we enjoying a night out in Busan. It was nothing much to see actually cause most of the shop were closed. We stop at Nampo-dong Station (Line 1, Orange, Exit forgot hehe) and decided to enter Lotte Mall. 7 hours flight without food makes our stomach growl and we have our dinner at their food court. Me and Masnah have our Seafood Bibimbap (deleciously gooooodddd) and my brothers both having a set of grill fish. (sorry no picture though hehe) The food court located at B1.

With a very nice Omoni.. she was asking where we from!


Waiting for our preyyyyy... hehehe

Food on display
After having our delicious dinner, we took a stroll in their underground shopping mall attach to the Lotte Mall before we decided to go back to hostel as the next day we went to Seoul by bus. So we have to recharge our energy. 



I will update Day 2 soon... depending on my mood and my memories hehehehehhe

p/s Below i attached the Busan Metro Map




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