Monday, September 16, 2013

RIP Paula

Posted by Norazo at 2:01 PM
Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysian! 

16 Sept will not only celebrated as Malaysia Day to me.. But it is also a mourning day Because a year ago our comrade was killed during water activity in Pekan during our courses.

whereas today a year later my dear friend beloved cat name Paula died of leukemia this morning. For most of the population they think its just a cat, but for pet lover like my buddy, her cat is like her on son! Indeed i also feel lost because paula (male birman cat) is a one giant cute handsomest cat ive ever behold. He is cute, he is sweet, and sometimes he did bite me but i take it as out of love. 

I have a chance looking after paula when my friend away. Not exactly looking after as in to take him to stay with me but merely just visiting him. But he is very cute and very active. Seeing paula sick a few days ago broke my heart because that was not the image of him i have in mind everytime i visit my friend's house. I cant imagine how my friend feel about her beloved paula departure in front of her this morning. I am so sorry my friend for not being there because i was sound asleep this morning. 

I hope paula for the best in heaven. RIP dear paula. Nuna will going to miss u dearly....


maiya on September 17, 2013 at 9:20 AM said...

uwaaa :"((


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