Friday, September 13, 2013


Posted by Norazo at 5:53 PM
Often nowadays i look back in how i live my life..
I have a job,
I have a shelter,
I have a car,
I have some money for my expenses
Its something i can be proud of .. but...
when i look at things...
i feel like i dont accomplished anything
I am grateful for everything.. however...
I often think that i do the things i did just because i have to do it..
not because i love it.

its like an assignment during our university years,,
where you have to do it for the evaluation.. for grades..
i hate assignment... i hate deadline..
i wish i can do something which i love and i can put all my heart into..
but... i can't seem to find it...

i actually idolized the like of Yuna, Zee Avi, Sheila Amzah, Siti Nurhaliza..
and, my bias is Yuna..
she's a law student..
obviously enrolled in law course because she wish to become one..
she become a singer because its her passion


i wish i have an absolute passion..
which i can run into .. leave whatever i did now
and just immersed myself wholeheartedly into that passion...
make lots of money out of it..
However, passion without hard work is complete failure..
Passion with dreaming but doing nothing to reach it is bulls@#$ !!
Dreams and dreams and continuous dreams



I know i have a slight passion in linguistic
i love learning new words from different languages all over the world,
i love repeating one word in all different languages..
and i shout it out loud!
like i did last night..
should i turn into that? should i take a course?

Maybe, just maybe ...i put a little effort into it..
someday somehow i maybe become an even happy person..
Happier and Happiest...



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