Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Private and Privacy

Posted by Norazo at 12:27 PM
Private and Privacy
Pride and Prejudice
Mostly i put a private setting in all my social network account
however, i make my twitter and blogspot account public

coz i hope if i ever someday i tweet my favorite celebrity, they will reply me back! which so far NEVER HAPPENED hahaha


Blogspot :
my traffic is verryyyy small in number in every month! less than 200 visitors per month? they are not my follower, basically just found my page through Google and for sure they dont read my blog. so, i decided to make my page public! hehheheh Beside, i can write what i want here.. share my thoughts, feeling, and pictures... so its a good platform actually.. ah and i love to write poem nowadays.. hehe

so twitter and my blog are like a sneak peak to my FB and Insta account .. hhehehe... plus i dont think i have stalker.. right??? 


 im a private person actually and i am enjoying my privacy way too much until i cant socialize... aigoooo... so whoever need a friend for gugu gaga.. feel free to drop me a comment.. if u r lucky i publish it hahahaha




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