Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elevator.. Stairs? 1 Floor

Posted by Norazo at 4:26 PM
Elevator ka? Stairs ka? ka? ka? Ka?

Sometimes i dont get it. Why some people choose to ride an elevator even their destination is on the very next floor? I find it hard to comprehend speacially early in the morning.  if you in level 1 and you ride the elevator from G, dont you think people find you annoying? personally i find it annoying. U Should just using the stairs.. because its save and make u sweat and the most important is its good for your health! and u save the time for us in upper level by not stopping in level 1 or 2! I Find it annoying!!!! I personally love using the stairs if at least im in level 5 or 6. Unfortunately im in level 14 and as much as i want to live healthily, i dont want to drench my baju hahahaahaha!!

However, if you fall under this categories then it can be forgiven...

1. Pregnant Ladies

2.  Elderly

3. People with Disabilities

BUT, if you are just normal person with good health, young and dangerous and normal, i will only give you a deadly STARE with thunder oozing  from my killer GAZE... ZzssttZZssttt....




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