Monday, August 26, 2013

Black and White

Posted by Norazo at 12:53 PM
What a wonderful day..
If everything is black and white..
how people see... how people differentiate..
base on the 2?
How typical mind is? when the option is only limited to two..

Personally i like black more than white..
black represent power, elegant, charisma..
however, black also represent evil, darkness and loneliness

Back in the days my wardrobe is divided into two colors..
either BLACK or WHITE.. with blue jeans...
my mom used to reprimand me a lot due to my attire...
neither girl nor boy.. just Norazo doing her things...
ahh and sometimes i like RED too

only after i went out from the dark side, i learned about new colors.
and just recently my mom said "how can you like pink these days?"
well mommy.. i just knew pink is cute thats why...

Black and White is a great combination
Black doesnt mean evil
White doesnt mean pure
Most People characteristic compliments both colors..
and personally i think mine too...

So either Black or White?
i choose PINK!




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