Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Does it Feel?

Posted by Norazo at 11:51 AM
Hallo semuaaa. Salam 16th Ramadhan to all Muslim all over the world! May this Ramadhan bring joys to us in every way.... amin...

The end of July is approaching and August is coming.. i was browsing the net when i think of something. "How Does it FEELS when the RICH and FAMOUS FALL for YOU?" i dont have any colleague married to rich and famous so far, rich yess but famous no. but exactly how does it feel? is it like Cinderella story? Snow White? Greatest Love? 

If only life is as perfect as what have written in the books or played in dramas/movies where we know the ending of the stories.. if only and if only.... but IF someday somewhere RICH & FAMOUS fall for me i will surely share how does it feel.. bwahahahahahaha..... 

p/s in your DREAM baby ;p


Jom layan lagu raya.. hehe



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