Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Almost Heaven

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Lately i begin read again. I even bought new book! A malay novel. It quite funny how i decided to purchased the book actually. It all started when i found the title so cheesy and funny and took it just to read the synopsis. Then i put it back in the rack when suddenly the book fall. Then i put it then again fall back. I put then fall. Until i told myself ok its only cost rm19.90 give it a try. It turn out the story was quite nice but predictable. However, i managed to finish it! Good job baby!

What i am try to share here is not about the malay novel which i accidentally bought but a book by my favourite author Judith McNaught called "Almost Heaven" for those who love romantic story this book is highly reccomended! I have read 3 of her creation and she never failed to impressed me everytime. She is one of a kind. And, i am currently reading her fourth book!

Almost Heaven set during the Duke, Earl, Lord, Countess day in England. It tell a story of the young Countess of Havenhurst, Lady Elizabeth Cameron, though inherit a title from her farther but unfortunately have no money due to his late farther and half brother gambling activities. Her promising future turn upside down when she fall in love with ruthless gambler with unknown identity and lineage, Mr. Ian Thorntorn. Along the way, she was hurt by those she love but continue living with pride and dignity. Its a touching love story, veangeance and betrayal. I even spilled my tears!! Uwaaaaa... To find out more, pleasee do read! Its AMAZING! And i hooked till the end. It was also nerveswrecking because i tossed and turn on my bed and my heart bitting fast for her... Funny isnt it but its a true story

Ok.. Hope u guys read it! I will continue to hunt Judith McNaught book in the near future hehe
 Gd night

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Does it Feel?

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Hallo semuaaa. Salam 16th Ramadhan to all Muslim all over the world! May this Ramadhan bring joys to us in every way.... amin...

The end of July is approaching and August is coming.. i was browsing the net when i think of something. "How Does it FEELS when the RICH and FAMOUS FALL for YOU?" i dont have any colleague married to rich and famous so far, rich yess but famous no. but exactly how does it feel? is it like Cinderella story? Snow White? Greatest Love? 

If only life is as perfect as what have written in the books or played in dramas/movies where we know the ending of the stories.. if only and if only.... but IF someday somewhere RICH & FAMOUS fall for me i will surely share how does it feel.. bwahahahahahaha..... 

p/s in your DREAM baby ;p


Jom layan lagu raya.. hehe

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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The previous night i sleep for 10 hours and now i cant sleep. I overslept the night before and tomorrow i will wake up with a heavy heart.. Overslept seems a burden however not enough sleep is much more heavier than that. Should i counting sheeps now? 1...2...3...4...5...6...7....8...9...10..... Ahhhhhh still  im awakee!!! 

Enjoy our day and enjoy our sleep! Aigoooo... My eyes hurt.... I think i should try sleeping now.. For real!!! Should i start counting cow???? 1....2...3....4....5...6...7...8...ZzZzzzZzzzz


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