Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Music

Posted by Norazo at 9:40 AM
What is good music? everyone have their own interpretation of good music based on genre or their preferable sound. As for me, i think good music is the music that can catch my attention from the very first note. Usually i immedietly fall to this type of music without second thought! then i go for the lyrics and magically the lyrics work well with the music!. 

when im happy or sad, the very best thing next to me is MUSIC. so let the music heal your soul. music its a form of healing. When im angry, i will listen to loud music. when im down i listen to ballad. and when im happy i listen to catchy song and recently i hooked to "22" by Taylor Swift. its a catchy, funny and a very simple song for me. People always mistaken me for K-Pop maniac. i dont listen to idol musics nowadays. In fact i dont know of most of idol song because its getting auto tunes by the day. I only listen to the song from SNSD, Wonder Girls, Sistar. If these 3 groups make a comeback i will listen to their tracks for the sake of trying to be in the trend, since these 3 groups have vast followers hehehhehehehe... but Wonder Girls and Sistar always amaze me because their songs was fun! However, that doesnt mean i dont listen to any of Korean songs. There are more to Korean music industry than K-pop. The only things i neglect is K-pop!

its kinda long and boring topic actually. hahaaha!! nevermind. i wish to share a parody made by Jin and Ryan from Hitz.Fm about HAZE! Seriously FUNNY! 



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