Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Human imagination

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I should say i have a avery creative imagination as a human... I have a very active mind during my wake.. Unfortunately i am sleepy right now. I cant think straight. Both my eyelids are bery heavy... My mouth keep yawning... I am full and i am tired

Please let it end early pleaaaaaasssseeeeee

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kenapa Mesti Kami?

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Sedihhhh sedihhhh sedihhh kenapa mesti kami?? Mungkin sbb sdh kenyang makan sedap then segala kenikmatan ditarik balik. Kami baru rasa happy.. Tiba2 jadi murung balik.. Uwaaa sedihhhhh

Saturday, May 4, 2013


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Tomorrow will be the 13th General Election in Malaysia. Honestly i am not into politic. Its hard for me to understand politics. People in politics are complicated. Unpredictable. Hard to believe. However, as a citizens, i will do my duty as voter. In fact this is going to be my first time voting and i cant wait. And by the way yesssss im in LABUAN.

To Malaysian, dont forget to vote tomorrow! Its the least i can do.

P/s i just heard saturday sunday and monday announced as no plastic day aigoooo

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Labour Day

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Hari ni aku start bulan May aku sbg gelandangan yg berjaya... Gara2 flight awal pagi lalu aku pn mermpat d surau utk bermalam.. Terbaekla! Mula2 tinggal d surau yg best pastu surau tu ttp after 12am. Then i have to walk to another surau yg beraicond dan berlantaikan simen. Sgt terbaik.. Sojukk blh kna sakit tulang... Flight aku ada exactly 7 more hours n i dont know whether aku blh teruskan ketiduran ini.. Mcm x blh jak ni uwaaaaaaaaa.... Morning cepatlaa sampaiiiiiiiiiii


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