Saturday, April 13, 2013


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I feel like going out tonight! Feel like walking? Driving? Roaming? Feel the night air? Is it chill? Is it refreshing? Usually when im out i just stayed in the building.. Then went back home... Jom kawan2 p jalannnnn malam ni... Bosan pulakkkkkk

Btw, have u guys watch Psy new MV Gentleman?? Funny looooooo

Gd niteeeeee..

P/s i took coffee before.. I think i can survive the night without sleeping

Monday, April 1, 2013


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I love PUTRAJAYA! why? sebab
putrajaya sunyi...
 kereta x banyak..
traffic still run smoothly...
weekend xda orang..
orang x ramai (kecuali kalau ada keramaian)

Those reasons above make me love Putrajaya even more. Yesterday me n my friend from Sabah went to The Summit through LDP. Mak aihhhhhh.. kereta banyak.. driver gila.. hujan lebat.. ooooo bertabahlah wahai hempedu... masa tu aku terbayang PUTRAJAYA saja... and that is the reason why i always got lost when i drive my car out of Putrajaya because i rarely went out! so people, dont ask me to go pusing2 around KL, Selangor ok.. 

and So i HEART PutraJAYA.. ^_______________^


Ok gambar ni semua tengs to uncle google.... terima kasih for providing me with these magnificent photos uncle google.. luv you 

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