Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jodoh dan Kejodohan dan Penjodohan?

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These 3 words with same meaning is a little taboo to unmarried woman at their late 20's. Why because the word ALONE for the rest of your life is approaching. Sometimes it doesnt have to do with our appearance but maybe the "jodoh" got lost somewhere we never knew. If only we can lodge the report to the police, i think i can find my jodoh by now hahahahaha!!! spare me

However, i believe in Allah the Almighty. God will surely have a plan for us. Ask us to wait n be patient and to enjoy every moment of our life with passion and and love. Why do i post this jodoh thing? because something caught my attention while browsing my facebook wall which i cannot share it here cause its not mine hehehe...

Okla.. for those who still searching keep on doing so.. however as for those who were born in the year of Rat and Pig and still searching in the year of Snake, its a bit hard because Rat and Pig dont make friend with Snake kekekeke.... well it is just another reading.. i love to read chinese zodiac horoscope hahaha... dont believe it ha.. semuanya kerja Allah...

Till then 


p/s saya ni tulang rusuk sapa ah??? hahaha sapa yg hilang tulang rusuk cari sja saya di talian 019-83xxxx8

Monday, January 21, 2013

because it's you

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salam all...

i know its a bit late but i recently fall in love deeply and more and more with Gong Yoo! Hyun bin aaa~~ mianhae... ~_~ 

the one thing that made me fall even deeper with  Gong Yoo is because he can sing! which i didn't know previously huhuhu plus he sing my favourite song in Big ---> neo ra seo (because its you) ahhh the lyricss are tooooo sweeettttttt and painful but its still beautiful...


I fall in love to another actor aigoooo... what a boring life ahhahaha... but still im happy.. ;p


I keep getting scared because I love you
I worry that you might get farther if I get closer
So I can’t even talk like a fool
My heart grows faint at the thought of you
I just let out sighs and randomly laugh and cry
It hurts because of you
Because it’s you, because it’s you that I love
I can hold it in several times
Because I only knew you from the start
Because it’s all you, because it’s you that I miss, I love you
It hurts so much, it’s so hard but because it’s you, I’m okay
As I always have worried
I look at you, I wait for you and get exhausted
Because of you, I get sad
Because it’s you, because it’s you that I love
I can hold it in several times
Because I only knew you from the start
Because it’s all you, because it’s you that I miss, I love you
It hurts so much, it’s so hard but because it’s you, I’m okay
Because it’s you, because it’s you that I love
Because it’s all you, because it’s you that I miss, I love you
I keep getting greedy, I keep crying
Because its you, because it’s all you

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Thanks to maszcapog, i fell in love with Yuna 2012 album... and thanks to me, we finally able to listen to the full album! so congratulations to the both of us. hehe... Yuna is totally one of  a kind. She is unique n she got style. All of her song are inspiring others and have thoughtful meaning on what happened around us. She is definitely a good role model. However, sadly some people still condemning her for her attire and appearance. They said it is not appropirate and she changed as compared when she was still a rookie mainstream singer many many years ago. I feel sad for her as a fan. But i do salute her. 

So to Yuna, this is my fan letter to you. Forget about others who put u down with their feel good comments. Please continue to write good musics with good lyrics. You are surely one of Malaysian pride!

So let us enjoy one of my favourite song from her album.. Fading Flower..and as the lyric said

You may think u're pretty
but u'll see, the beauty
 nice words ha hehehe

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lately i've been thinking

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Salam all

This will be the quick post from me as i am in the middle of preparing 2 important visits for 2 Top Guns in my ministry huhu... tired... pening.... muak.... stress but still, BETTER THAN DPA hehehehehe. i have to say I LOVE MY JOB?

So, what have i've thinking lately??? im thinking of changing here and there... im thinking of buying something for myself as my very own birthday present. Though i know i will not going to use it as much but at least my family can use it for their own convinient. If this dream of mine can be realised, i will share it here hehe... for the time being i just want to share the joy of having this dream... 



Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Dream

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Last night i had a very delicious dream uwaaa.... i dreamt of Hwangbo and Hyun Joong came to Malaysia in one show and the both of them HUGGED!!!! waaaa that was soooo sweeetttttttttt ^_______^. I even took a picture with hwangbo. Seriously i thought it was true until i woke up this morning and realised it was just another beautiful dream. kuang kuang kuang.....i even have our picture in my aipong then i decided to blog it and then i woke up.. oooohhhhh i almost blogging in my dream...

I hope 2013 brings so much fun to my beloved Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong... "Event come to them" hehehehe


p/s im still living my dreams for the both of them to be together

Typical mind of the typical

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Typical. Why somes human being tend to be typical. Typically hurting others. I just cant accept those weird believe n behaviour. Respect others. Put the negativity away. Allow only positive vibe around us. Dont be such a jerk. Dont think us as perfect. Why i wrote this? Maybe masnah is the only person who understand what i trying to say. Its just sad when we read or see those typical mind sent a bullet to others heart. Let us breath the same air without hatred and negativity.. Let us enjoy every moments in life... Cherish it to bits ... Let us go to sleep kekeke

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

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New year, new day, new number and new me??? Kekeke so far nothing changes huhu... Im still me. So whats my new year resolution? So far i dont have any.Let the time reveal everything..

I just hope to have good health and a happy life for 2013. Kerana Allah insyaAllah...

Happy new yearrrr


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