Friday, December 28, 2012

Taller by the DAY

Posted by Norazo at 1:27 PM
I dont know why but i feel like im getting TALLER!!!! Whyyy??? Is it me or people around me are shrinking??? Even my DPA friends said im tall. My officemates also said the same thing. Why ah??? Did DPA made me taller??? Bigger yess.. I do understand. But Tall??? Thats a bit weird.. Hmmm.. Now i feel awkward wearing heels because for sure im towering my ladies friend. So for those who felt they need to put some moe inches into their height please attend DPA. Apply PTD firstla kekeke

Lalalalal... My course is over.. Now i can go wherever i want to goooooo withhh myyyyy buddyyy budddyyyy... Jalan2 cr jodoh. Klu xda di Malaysia maybe mo p luar negara la ni cari kekekeke

Xoxo loveeeeeeeeeeeeee



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