Saturday, December 8, 2012


Posted by Norazo at 1:10 PM

It has been awhile since i blogging through my laptop. All this while i only using my aipone to blog. What im doing now? actually im in the middle of typing my assignment. I HATE IT! Come on.. today is Saturday. I am suppose to enjoy myself and not sitting in front of my lappy tappy typing!!! ggggrrrrrrrrrr.... im growling... im howling... im aaaaahhhh !@#$%^&

To releaseee the tension, i decided to write something. Something for Nothing.. huhu... ah btw after i think  almost more than a year i decided to change my blog template.. its FRESH! Its NEW! its call Casual Affair!
However, i feel like i saw this template somewhere... hmmm

Okla till then.. i need to finish my assignment.... bye

p/s my DPA course almost over in  2 more weeks! Can't wait!



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