Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

Posted by Norazo at 1:17 PM

So here come the day. The very last day of 2012. Years back, people predicted that judgement day will happen in 2012. Kinda scary right. Hollywood even made a movie about it. Well its just a prediction.. The end will surely come but it is not a human job. Our main responsibility is to prepare ourselves for the judgement day by doing good deeds to other human being and to serve Allah wholeheartedly. Insyaallah..

2012 is a busy year for me. The first half of the year im in the office. A very hectic months for me. I start of with sweat and buckets of tears T________T why? only God and my officemates knows why hehehe.. but i try to be positive over it. Yess i feel miserable but i endured it everytime. FIGHTING!
3 Suara. 1 down 2 to go hehe

The second half of the year was rather hell. I am sure everyone feel the same. I always told myself whenever i feel like killing someone.. i can face the lion for the past 3 years, surely i can pass this burden. We lost our friend during water activities and it was a very traumatic moment for us. In fact we still traumatize over it. But thats what make we stronger to finish the remaining days. Im happy making friends with other participants and im happy to be part of Aspirasi and Comrade. They're the best. Thank u guys for giving me good memories...

Aspirasi the best

Here i am now sitting in front my lappy barely finishing my second assignment which was due today and currently im waiting for my best buddy Masnah. I am ready to hit the KL City tonight yeayyyy...

Happy New Year all. I hope 2013 bring a lot of good memories and experience to us. and i hope to get married soon. Jodoh jodoh please come to meeee ;p

Happy New Year





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