Saturday, December 22, 2012

It is not Exactly Over

Posted by Norazo at 7:10 PM
Ok.. last night i wrote that its over but actually it is not exactly over cause i haven't submit my final report!! oh !$% hmmm did i mention previously i hate doing assignment so very much????? so now i repeat :I HATE ASSIGNMENT SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

My heart ache, my brain wreck, my nerves break! and that's why i said it is not exactly over... how sad my life is... my long awaited freedom which i thought i can enjoy it after 6 months but now on 22.12.2012 i am sitting here in front of my lappy listening to Tomok "Aku Datang" typing my assignment!!! dreadful... uwaaaaa T____________T

but again, take it positively.... just do it like nike, just type it, just put whatever you have in mind as long as it reach 40 pages at the end of it... by the time i clear my assignment i plan to sleep eat pray and love! can ka? hehhehehe... btw, i have another 20 pages assignment due on 31.12.2012. Tenkiu UDPA! I am HAPPY...
Nan Haengbok hae ^______________________________^




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