Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

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So here come the day. The very last day of 2012. Years back, people predicted that judgement day will happen in 2012. Kinda scary right. Hollywood even made a movie about it. Well its just a prediction.. The end will surely come but it is not a human job. Our main responsibility is to prepare ourselves for the judgement day by doing good deeds to other human being and to serve Allah wholeheartedly. Insyaallah..

2012 is a busy year for me. The first half of the year im in the office. A very hectic months for me. I start of with sweat and buckets of tears T________T why? only God and my officemates knows why hehehe.. but i try to be positive over it. Yess i feel miserable but i endured it everytime. FIGHTING!
3 Suara. 1 down 2 to go hehe

The second half of the year was rather hell. I am sure everyone feel the same. I always told myself whenever i feel like killing someone.. i can face the lion for the past 3 years, surely i can pass this burden. We lost our friend during water activities and it was a very traumatic moment for us. In fact we still traumatize over it. But thats what make we stronger to finish the remaining days. Im happy making friends with other participants and im happy to be part of Aspirasi and Comrade. They're the best. Thank u guys for giving me good memories...

Aspirasi the best

Here i am now sitting in front my lappy barely finishing my second assignment which was due today and currently im waiting for my best buddy Masnah. I am ready to hit the KL City tonight yeayyyy...

Happy New Year all. I hope 2013 bring a lot of good memories and experience to us. and i hope to get married soon. Jodoh jodoh please come to meeee ;p

Happy New Year



Saturday, December 29, 2012

Layan Ceta Hindustan

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This is a bit funny but its serious. Lately people around me are into Hindi movies i dont know why. but somehow it gets me. I am currently watching Jab We Met and i fall in love with Shahid Kapoor kekeke.. i think he's cute in this movie plus the main actress is Kareena Kapoor. I like her and her sister. I think she's beautiful and i just knew she recently married to her long time BF Saif Ali Khan. I love this dude in Hum Saath Saath Hain. Back then i love watching Hindi movies and my favourite Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Hum Saath Hain. Seriously Salman and Sonali wereeeeeeeeee sooooo cutteeee in Hum Saath Saath Hain kekkekkeke.... and yesterday i watch it again for i dont know how many time already. And everytime it didnt failed to steal my laughs and my giggles and of course my tearsssss... i criend to the points of sobbing!! Can't u believe me??? hahhaha !! Nowadays i dont really watch Hindi Movies anymore except my old time favourite only.. 

What a way to fill my Saturday and the last Saturday of the year!! 2012 will be leaving us in 2 more days and here come 2013! OMG...  what a number.... uwaaaaaaaa 

Happy living and happy loving everyonee.. BYE


Friday, December 28, 2012

Taller by the DAY

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I dont know why but i feel like im getting TALLER!!!! Whyyy??? Is it me or people around me are shrinking??? Even my DPA friends said im tall. My officemates also said the same thing. Why ah??? Did DPA made me taller??? Bigger yess.. I do understand. But Tall??? Thats a bit weird.. Hmmm.. Now i feel awkward wearing heels because for sure im towering my ladies friend. So for those who felt they need to put some moe inches into their height please attend DPA. Apply PTD firstla kekeke

Lalalalal... My course is over.. Now i can go wherever i want to goooooo withhh myyyyy buddyyy budddyyyy... Jalan2 cr jodoh. Klu xda di Malaysia maybe mo p luar negara la ni cari kekekeke

Xoxo loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


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I finally able to conclude my assignment!!! Hooorrraaaayyyyy... The thing that bother me the most is overrrr ... Now, i can finally enjoy my FREEDOMMMMM!!!!

Hopefully everything run smoothly after this... Hopefully i'll be able to settle down.. Hopefully i can find my happiness and hopefully i can contribute to my country, my friend and speacially to my FAMILY!!

I love u mummy n daddy.. Thanks for brought me out to this world.. Tenkiu tenkou tenkiuuuu huhuhu~~~~

2012 almost overrrrrr... Walaweyyyyy

Monday, December 24, 2012

The first Monday morning after DPA

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The first Monday morning after six month dreafdul Monday experience. Why? Because on Monday during DPA we have to wear the awful long suit with blue tudung! So lameeee but what to do??? That's the rule. Im glad we dont have to wear it again huhu

Today, im still working very hard to finish my assignment. It is getting tough. Why do we have to reacht 40 pages?? This is tough! I feel like im in final year of my degree. . Uwaaaaa!! I hate doing research! I hate doing all the laporan... Help meeeee cause im helplesssss

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Takziah to my Aunty

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Jodoh pertemuan ajal maut di tangan tuhan. Aku malam ni terpana dengan satu berita yang sangat mengejutkan. Dalam kesibukan menaip asaimen aku tertidur. Then my phone ringing and my kazen's number popped-up. Aku sdh heran. Then dia menangis2 telling me our uncle just past away. I was really shocked! Why? because ONE it was very sudden cause i recalled he was one healthy uncle. and TWO because he is the uncle i told in my previous entry pasal "saya takut angsa"

Aku x tau knp aku teringat arwah malam ni. maybe sbb ada iklan fear factor yg takut angsa di Astro Ria so aku pn teringat ketakutan ku dgn angsa then membawa kepada pengalaman ku masa budak dan seterusnya ingatan ku kepada beliau bila beliau yg menakutkan kami pasal angsa tu membelit dan mematuk and he was also giving us the tip to weaken the angsa and siap buat demonstrasi lagi!

Sesungguhnya Allah SWT itu maha berkuasa. I hope my aunty and my cousins are fine and strong to face their sudden loss. I feel for them. Takziah ...

Semoga roh ngah mail ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah...

Semoga tenang di sana... My kazen n my late uncle

Saturday, December 22, 2012

saya takut angsa

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masa kecik aku takut ngan angsa. aku igt lagi my late datuk ada 4 ekor angsa dan selalu biarkan angsa2 beliau berkeliaran menjaga keamanan rumah. Masalahnya aku yg x aman sbb angsa tu jahat. suka sangattttt kejar kitorang dan kerja kami adalah lari pecut mcm usin bolt setiap kali nmpk angsa. Everytime nampak budak2 comey cam kami ni angsa tu akan menyondolkan kepalanya lalu mengejar kami dengan jayanya. The reason why kami takut angsa sbb our pakcik told us that angsa tu akan membelit kaki kami dengan leher mereka yg panjang dan seterusnya akan mematuk! (logically, angsa manda gigi mo patuk2 kan). Bila pakcik kitorang ckp mcm tu harusssslaaaa aku takut kan. Yg hampehnya angsa ni akan keluar reban setiap kali time kami balik sekolah. dan 4 sekawan ni akan lepak di laluan aku mo balik umah. 4 ekor ni umpama budak samseng yg menunggu di lorong gelap lepas tu kalau org lalu diorang akan minta duit. Haaa mcm tu la gaya 4 ekor angsa ni. Aku pulak umpama insan yg dipow duit oleh angsa samseng ni.

Betapa aku takut ngan angsa tu setiap kali diorang ada kat laluan jalan tu aku akan stop. Aku tgk diorang then diorang tgk aku dengan kusyuk. Pastu aku kira sampai 3 then aku pecut!!! takutt.. lepas tu kna kejar angsa. Pendek kata hari2 dikejar angsa. Then, my pakcik bagi tips. Untuk melemahkan angsa kami kna picit jambul angsa tu then dia akan lemah. Our pakcik even buat demonstrasi lagi, Malangnya bagi kami2 ni itu adalah mustahil! Nmpk angsa pn lari ini kan pula nak picit jambul angsa... tapi aku dah x igt akn nasib angsa2 tersebut. Mungkinkah selamat?? btw i feel funny pulak sbb angsa boleh belit kaki n patuk orang mcm ular pulak.. hadoiiiii... kenaifan seorang budak comey hahahhaha

Bila dah besar panjang ni aku dah tak takut ngan angsa. tu zaman budak comey jer hehehehe..... Tapi pengalaman beharga tu dikejar angsa...hehe

This angsa look exactly like my late datuk punya. Bayangkan  mcm mnala kami mo picit jambul angsa tersembul tu???

It is not Exactly Over

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Ok.. last night i wrote that its over but actually it is not exactly over cause i haven't submit my final report!! oh !$% hmmm did i mention previously i hate doing assignment so very much????? so now i repeat :I HATE ASSIGNMENT SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

My heart ache, my brain wreck, my nerves break! and that's why i said it is not exactly over... how sad my life is... my long awaited freedom which i thought i can enjoy it after 6 months but now on 22.12.2012 i am sitting here in front of my lappy listening to Tomok "Aku Datang" typing my assignment!!! dreadful... uwaaaaa T____________T

but again, take it positively.... just do it like nike, just type it, just put whatever you have in mind as long as it reach 40 pages at the end of it... by the time i clear my assignment i plan to sleep eat pray and love! can ka? hehhehehe... btw, i have another 20 pages assignment due on 31.12.2012. Tenkiu UDPA! I am HAPPY...
Nan Haengbok hae ^______________________________^


It's finally OVER

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Ok.. Now that its over i feel like i breath a new air.. I know works maybe hectic but i feel free.. Free from rules, free from tiring activities and free to go and to do anything and everything!! Free flowssss

I want to share so many things. It's just my eyes can't keep up with me so i decided to have my nap now. Maybe i can share tomorrow?? Perhaps hehe... Nitee people


Monday, December 10, 2012

Menghitung hariiii

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Okeh... Menghitung hari... Detik demi detik.. Masa ku nanti apa kan ada... Lalalalala

Ok sesungguhnya aku menghitung hari pada waktu dan ketika ini. Mo pegi mana???? Mo abis kursus la.. Lately my post always center around my DPA course. The end is near, but somehow very far.... Huhuhu

I wish for only the best yerrr

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Im tired!!

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Im tired of this.. I hate packing and unpacking.. I wish i have a magic wand so that i can swish and flick and all my baju will pack and unpack by themselves!!!!

Ok relexxx norazo... 12 more days.. 12 more dreadful days and its over. Even hyun bin can make it for 1 year n 9 months why cant you be patience???

Seriously after this i will try not to pack and unpack my things again. Im tiredddddddd!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Would You Say to tyour 16 Years Old Self?

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If i were to go back in time when i was 16 i will tell myself to loose weight and study hard! Dont make fun of the teachers, don't listen to loud music so much, be a good student and daughter hahaha... actually im not a bad daughter is just i love to talk back to my parents aigoooo... i always fight with my mom and my twin brothers (they both annoying) hahaahaha...

However, i never regret my life.. i turn for the good now hehe.. my relationship with my parents are mushy and bubble and lovely... whereas my bro they are my bodyguard and always close by me for my money actually hahaha... so either way what have i done in the past were part of my experience of becoming a better human, daughter, sister, and citizen hehehhe...


saya n puteli... tomey kan kami kekekekek


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It has been awhile since i blogging through my laptop. All this while i only using my aipone to blog. What im doing now? actually im in the middle of typing my assignment. I HATE IT! Come on.. today is Saturday. I am suppose to enjoy myself and not sitting in front of my lappy tappy typing!!! ggggrrrrrrrrrr.... im growling... im howling... im aaaaahhhh !@#$%^&

To releaseee the tension, i decided to write something. Something for Nothing.. huhu... ah btw after i think  almost more than a year i decided to change my blog template.. its FRESH! Its NEW! its call Casual Affair!
However, i feel like i saw this template somewhere... hmmm

Okla till then.. i need to finish my assignment.... bye

p/s my DPA course almost over in  2 more weeks! Can't wait!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ahhhh BANJIR!!

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Ok in my entire life i have never experience any banjir maybe sbb aku d Labuan kot. However, during my stay here in Selama, i finally experienced banjir. Manyak wisauu ooo... Aku takut air masuk umah. Luckily masuk sampai dapur n bilik air sja. But the experienced worth a thousand times. Sesungguhnya aku simpati dengan mereka2 yg slalu kna banjir sebab banjir ni merosakkan harta benda and at the same time memenatkan.... Hmmm... Tp syukur surut malam tu jugak. Alhamdullilah...


P/s sempat lg posing di berlatar belakang air banjir tu

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Here i am

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Here i am... After 5 days and now day 6 i still survive.. Well, it is no that hard. Im
Just worried... But i thank the Almighty so very much for giving me the opportunity to know this family.. They all are very kindhearted person.. Seriously... I mean seriously..... Im not joking.. They are all very nice people!! Im so glad knowing them... By going on the ground like this we know what they are facing in their everyday life. However, my family is quite modern. their children are excellent students. So at least they can change their lifestyle. Unfortunately for those who still inherited their father poverty, it is kinda sad coz there is more to life.. but only for those who willing to do the extra work...

With 5 more days to go i hope everything will be fine, run smoothly and the most important thing is we're happy.. ^______^

Here goes my family here


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